Homemade Fertilizer for Weed & Cannabis Plants


Are you fond of gardening but fear that it might cost you more? Well, you can grow weed or other plants which will cost you less or no money. Back in the days, people used to make a homemade fertilizer, which not only costs less but provides better results as well.

Fertilizers are essential in the growth of plants. They supplement the nutrients which are naturally present in the soil and make plants healthy. Throughout the growth cycle, fertilizers help plants develop high yield. 

If you think that making homemade fertilizer for weed is difficult, you are probably wrong! The process is pretty straightforward. You need to get some ingredients to make fertilizer at home, some of them will be present in your kitchen as well. 

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Which Nutrients are Important for Growing Weed?

It is essential to learn what nutrients are vital for growing weed. Every plant has different nutrient requirements. However, you must make sure you are adding the nutrients in the right amount. 

The three primary macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (K), and Potassium (P) are important for growing weed. Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulphur are also required but in a lesser quantity than NPK. 

Other than macronutrients, there are some micronutrients like zinc, iron, manganese, cobalt, etc. which are present even in poor soil. They are required in a smaller quantity but play a vital role in the growth of plants.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Fertilizer for Weed

Making a homemade fertilizer may sound tricky, but it is a simple task. These are the essentials you’re going to need; some basic ingredients that have NPK, and some knowledge. You should add the right amount of nutrients into the soil so that you don’t end up damaging your plants. 


One of the most inexpensive and most accessible methods to make your own homemade fertilizer is composting. If you have any organic material available in your house – be it decayed banana peels, your dog’s feces, or any other organic material that is months or years old – you can use it. 

All you have to do is add those organic materials into the soil. The bacteria present inside the soil will break them down into smaller substances and utilize them for growth.

One more composting method, which is quite popular, is worm casting. You can spread a thin layer of worms on soil with manure and some other ingredients. The worms will do the germination process inside the soil.

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

The next time you eat fish, don’t throw away its bones. Fish emulsion is one of the oldest methods of making homemade fertilizer. Take all the fish meals and waste, and put it inside the water. Let the mixture rest for a couple of weeks so it can rot completely.  

After the mixture is ready, add it into the soil daily but in a small quantity. The fish emulsion process is slower and takes a lot of time, but the results are astonishing.

Human Urine

Yes, you read it right! Human urine is full of nitrogen that acts as a fertilizer for the soil. You don’t need to pee directly onto the soil as it can damage your marijuana plants. Instead, collect the urine in a bottle or a plastic bag. 

Before using the urine, it is better to dilute the urine in a gallon of water. The urine solution should be used immediately. Otherwise, it can increase the risk of ammonia in plants.  

If you don’t want to make your own fertilizer. Check out the nutrients & fertilizers that we’ve reviewed and are available on Amazon.

What Can You Include in Your Homemade Fertilizer?

There are several ingredients, which you can add to your soil. All of these are present in your house and won’t cost you anything. Solid materials should cut into pieces and add into the ground directly while you can dilute liquid materials before adding.

Coffee Grounds

Do you know your favorite drink can act as a marijuana fertilizer? Coffee grounds are known as high-quality fertilizer for ages. It has the right amount of nitrogen (2%) and a small amount of potassium and phosphorus. 

Before using the coffee grounds, we would recommend you to dry them completely. You can scatter the dry coffee grounds on the soil, making a thin layer. If it is still wet, the grounds will compact together. You can use a compost bin as well.

Coffee grounds

One more way to use coffee grounds is to dilute the coffee in water. Keep the mixture for at least 24 hours before using it. After that, you can directly use it on the soil.

Also, if you don’t brew your coffee at home, no need to worry! You can ask for the coffee ground from any cafe nearby. They will be happy to get rid of unwanted coffee grounds.

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Banana Skin

Growing up, you must have heard numerous times that banana is a healthy food, and it has a high amount of potassium. A banana contains 42% of potassium and 25% phosphorus. It has some other nutrients as well, which are very good for the growth of the plants. 

Banana skin

If you plant the banana or its skin directly into the soil, there are chances of insects attacking your marijuana plants. As a result, the plants will be damaged. Therefore, put the skins in the water for a week and then use the water as an organic fertilizer.

Egg Shells

Eggs, the breakfast essentials, can act as a great source of nitrogen and phosphorus. They have the right amount of calcium as well, which is necessary for a plant to grow in its initial stages. 

You don’t need to add the egg inside the soil, but you have to add its shells. You can crush the shells in a grinder and sow into the ground. In this way, you can recycle your eggshells.

Aquarium Water

Do you have fish at your home? If yes, here is good news for you. You can use the aquarium water as a natural fertilizer to your cannabis plants as well. Simply pour a day old aquarium water into the soil. Make sure it is not salty water, as it can damage the weed plants.

Wood Ash

You must be surprised to know that wood ash can work as a fertilizer. We all have fireplaces at our homes. If not, you can use the ashes from your fire pit as well. Ashes have a high amount of potassium and calcium carbonate, which are suitable for growing cannabis.

You should use the ashes in moderation as the higher amount will negatively affect the plants. Just sprinkle the cold ashes into the soil.

Compost Tea

You can make a compost tea fertilizer for your plants, but the method is quite tricky. You have to mix several ingredients, for instance, Epsom salt, urine, wood ash, grass clippings, etc. in a large bucket of water. 

The mixture will steep for at least three days. After that, you have to strain the ingredients and keep the water only. The tea water diluted with clean water is now ready for use. The procedure may be complicated and time-consuming, but it provides a large batch of fertilizer.


Gelatin is not only vital for baking cakes only, but it is an excellent fertilizer as well. Unflavored gelatin has nitrogen in it, which is suitable for marijuana plants. Also, it is quite easy to use.

Mix one packet of store-bought gelatin into hot water and let it rest for a few minutes. After that, dilute it with cold water, and it is ready to use.

Conclusion on homemade fertilizers

In short, your kitchen has a lot of organic fertilizers. Making homemade fertilizers has so many benefits. It not only helps you save some bucks, but it is eco-friendly as well. Moreover, it won’t take much time.

No matter which ingredient you are using as a fertilizer, make sure to add the right amount. No doubt, NPK is suitable for cannabis plants, but the high amount will damage them. Excess of everything is bad.

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