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What do I need when growing weed?

If you’ve seen a prospering grow room with ample harvest at a friend’s place or online, it’s quite natural to yearn for one of your own, but these indoor hydroponic systems are not as easy to establish, as they seem, especially without the indoor grow equipment. Even if you’re a green-thumbed gardener, if you don’t have the correct grow equipment, things could go seriously wrong for you.

The ideal indoor grow equipment package includes everything from the tent to the seeds, fertilizers, and the essentials needed to create the perfect growth environment. Also, a one-size-fits-all notion does not work in this case at all. You have to do your research for marijuana growing equipment that fits your unique needs.

While going through all that information sounds like a grievous task, you don’t have to worry at all. We’ve compiled all the information you will need regarding your purchases of a cannabis growing equipment. With the listed grow equipment, you’ll be harvesting weed before you know it!

Grow Tent

A grow tent is a primary necessity if you’re planning on growing cannabis or marijuana. It’s simply a private space for your plants to develop as they would in their natural environment. These tents are made out of durable, reflective materials which, when combined with proper light and nutrients, allow your plants to photosynthesize effectively.

Furthermore, these tents are portable and convenient. As they’re lightweight, you can easily carry and move them around the house when you need to. Similarly, there are foldable tents available for those of you who wish to relocate frequently.

Besides that, grow tents keep out the unpleasant aspects of indoor gardening from entering your personal living space. These include creepy crawlies and bad odor. Also, you can optimize the energy usage for your plants and regulate your monthly bills as well. Needless to say, a grow tent is an essential part of your indoor grow room setup if you want to optimize your yield to best possible.

Seed Starters

Next, you will need seed starters or seed plugs to help your plants germinate. While you might not need these if you’re planting marijuana, seed starters are the best way to germinate cannabis plants.

Mainly, these are small peat moss lumps in which you can add your seeds. There’s a hole provided that you can cover up after you’ve sown the seeds and add water. This moss lump creates an ideal water and soil ratio for your seeds to germinate quickly.

After you see your seed sprouting up, all you have to do is transfer these seedlings to larger pots. The seed starters simply boost growth in your seeds, which is great for people who desire immediate results. If you can’t afford these plugs, you can place your seeds directly in the soil or a wet paper towel, but the results won’t be the same. It’s a good investment considering you will be saving a lot of expenses on seeds, as none of them will go to waste when planted in seed plugs.

Pots and Containers

Whether you use pots and containers depends on your method of growing. If you’re growing your plants in soil, which is a great beginning practice for amateurs, you should get some good quality containers. Small containers will work for you initially as your plant germinates and sprouts. However, you will need large pots up to 5 gallons once your plants start to grow up.

Primarily, fabric containers are favored for
indoor grow rooms. They have porous walls, which create a breathable condition
for your soil. Also, any excess moisture will get expelled through the membrane
immediately. Make sure to install a spill tray beneath your containers to
manage leakage and water runoff.

LED Grow Lights

Now, you have to put the ‘photo’ in the photosynthesis. Bright and consistent grow lights are the basic food source for your plants. You should ideally go for full spectrum grow lights to help recreate the natural growing environment. The best lighting system will optimize your energy use and maximize plant growth, while an inefficient setup might end up ruining your harvest.

Normally, cannabis or marijuana need at least 32w per square meter to prosper. This means if you’re growing one to three plants in your grow room, you’ll need a full spectrum LED light of almost 64-64w.

Even though LED lights are the most effective, you can also use fluorescent lights according to your budget.

Moreover, LED lights tend to produce a lot of heat in their running process. You will need to install mechanisms to cool the temperature down, which will be further discussed in detail.


Timers are mainly used to keep you at ease when maintaining a proper grow room. It regulates the natural day and night cycles for your plants so that they can maintain their original environment indoors as well.

You simply have to plug the timer into your light source, then, into an energy source. According to the passing hours, the timer brightens and dims the lights to create the natural effect of day and night. Make sure to go with a good quality timer that can handle high wattages.

If you don’t wish to incorporate a timer in your set up, you will have to manually operate the lighting conditions inside the grow room. That’s completely fine as you can always invest in a timer as your garden prospers.


Another basic addition to your list of cannabis and marijuana growing supplies are proper nutrients. Without nutrients, your plants will lack proper quality and THC concentration. Also, these are not a one time buy. You will need different kinds of nutrients to nurture your plants at each phase of growth.

To facilitate this variety, companies offer complete packages for marijuana and cannabis growth. This package includes all the essential nutrients you need from rooting, sprouting, and mature growth. If you use them in correct proportions, your final result will be more eye-pleasing and tastier than if you use nutrients partially or none at all.

Eye Protection

You don’t want to forget your safety while buying the best products for your plants! Full-spectrum high-density lights can be hazardous to your eyesight. Also, you might need to use colored lights for growing purposes, which distort your vision while you’re observing your plants.

Therefore, grow room protective glasses are specially designed to keep obstructions away from your vision. You can easily make out pests and deformities in your plants wearing these glasses. Besides that, some glasses provide 100% UV protection as well.


Let’s face it, nobody can be an expert on every aspect of plant growth. Luckily, there are instruments available to regulate the perfect environment in your grow room. It’s hard to identify the ideal level of humidity and temperature inside a grow tent, but it can be done easily using a thermo-hygrometer.

Furthermore, these devices have an LCD screen which displays the changes in temperature. You can even make it out from outside the tent. This makes it easier for you to observe and manage any serious environment issues at once.

Carbon Filters and Inline Fans

Carbon filters are the air fresheners to your grow rooms. Mainly, they work to remove any impurities in the environment inside the tent. Eventually, they help control bad odor and air pollution outside the tent.

Besides that, you might need to install inline fans to help the filters complete their job. These fans will suck the impure air that’s filtered out and carry it through their ducts out from your desired ventilation area. This will ensure the air outside and inside your grow room remains fresh and uncontaminated.

Exhaust Fans

As mentioned before, you will need proper ventilation inside you grow room to regulate the heat produced from the light sources. Exhaust fans are, therefore, an essential part of your setup. Their circulating operation not only keeps the temperature under control but helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your vegetation as well.

Besides, your plants are used to facing slight breezes and winds in their natural habitat. The ventilation helps recreate that, which, in turn, strengthens the stems and branches on your cannabis and marijuana.

Nutrient and Water PH Tester

Even if you have proper nutrients and water levels in your plants, that’s not enough. You need to make sure the PH level in your soil remains ideal for the weed to grow well. Otherwise, if the PH level deviates from the required level, your plant might not absorb the nutrients properly.

The best PH for plants growing in soil is about 6.0, while the level lies between 5.5 and 6.5 for hydroponics systems. Moreover, PH meters are easy to use. Simply dig them inside your soil or water to get a reading of the PH level.

Things to Look for Before Buying Indoor Growing Equipment

Now that you’ve gone through the complete shopping list to set up an indoor grow room, you’re ready to go out and make the purchase. Right? Let’s face it, picking out the perfect marijuana growing equipment or cannabis growing equipment from a wide range of varieties can be difficult.

However, don’t worry! Here we’ve listed the details you need to consider before buying any of the above products.

Growing Space

First, you have to decide how much space you’re working with. It’s up to you to grow your plants in a grow tent, or turn your old closet, or a whole extra room into a grow room. However, the number of extra grow equipment you need depends on the area you want to cover.

If you are turning a room from your home into a weed haven, you’ll have to get it ready, which means additional equipment. You will have to cover the walls with reflective paper so that the light stays in. Similarly, you will have to drill holes and make room for vents and fans on the walls as well. This means lots of work.

You’ll have an easier set up if you just buy a grow tent. They vary in size, so you can choose one according to the number of plants you plan to grow. Also, you can set it up anywhere in your house, and even relocate.

Also, you need to know the size of your grow tent to calculate the amount of light you need. Not all corners of the grow room will need to be flooded with LED light. Simply keep the size in mind when purchasing your lights to make sure there are enough for your plants’ growth.

Energy Consumption

Your plants can’t strive without plenty of light to generate their food resources. For robust growth, your plants need the ideal, well-lit environment that nature has to offer. You need to think about two aspects, intensity, and spectrum while purchasing your lights.

However, that does not mean you should buy the most intense, high spectrum light available. Instead, you should look for a light which is ideal for the number of plants, and the size of your grow room. Also, you will want to look for lights that use energy efficiently, choosing otherwise will hike your electricity bills up.

Furthermore, you can choose from fluorescent, HID, and LED lights. LED lights provide a great spectrum but give out lots of heat during operation. Also, they are expensive as well, so along with the heat control expenses, LED lights will cost you a lot. Fluorescent and HID lights produce a good yield with relatively fewer expenses, which make them a great option for beginners.

Air Flow

Next, airflow maintenance is an essential aspect of an ideal grow room environment. We’ve mentioned the use of exhaust fans and
inline fans earlier, but which ones do you buy and where should you install them in your grow room?

According to the size of your room, you should have enough ventilation to push out stale air to keep the environment fresh. This encourages faster growth and prevents abnormalities, such as clogged stoma. Try to find rotating or oscillating fans. These make sure the air circulates the room, which helps regulate the humidity and temperature effectively.

Moreover, you should fit the oscillating fans at both the bottom and top of your grow room. That’s because cool air tends to sink, so these fans work to spread the cool air around the room.

Similarly, the exhaust fans which suck the hot and impure ait out should be attached at the top with vents. Hot air rises, therefore, it’s easier for the fans to pull out the heat and regulate the temperature. Also, make sure that the outlet of your vents open into another room away from your grow room to make sure your ventilation does not become ineffective.

Growing Method

This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself when you set out to buy your grow room equipment. You will need to figure out whether you’ll be growing through the hydroponics system, soil system, or the coco blends system.

While all three of them are effective in their own way, each of them requires a particular set of nutrients and equipment. Hydroponics is a soil-less system which has its own set of nutrients. These nutrients are water-soluble and are very easy to use. Although, if you overfeed your plants, you will face dire consequences. Therefore, this method is advised
for seasoned indoor gardeners.

Furthermore, soil-based systems are a better option for beginners. The nutrients are easily available for each stage of growth, and overfeeding won’t harm your plants as much as in hydroponic growing systems.

Using coco blends is a system that’s in the middle of both the former ones. It does not require as much attention while giving nutrients as the hydroponic ones, neither does it leave you at ease as in the soil system. You should choose a system according to the amount of work you are willing to put in the growing process.


Subsequently, you should buy equipment that is easy to use and set up. Purchasing products accordingly will save you lots of time and have you working in your grow room like a pro. Similarly, when it comes to LED lamps and fans, you should choose ones which are easy to reposition and relocate. That’s because you will need to move them from time to
time as you observe how your plants respond to a certain position.

Besides that, you should check whether the wavelength and intensity are adjustable in your grow lights. This is essential as you’ll need to adjust that along with the different growth phases of your plants. Look closely at the brand specifics for these details before you confirm your purchase.

Brand Name

Lastly, with the plethora of brands available in the market for each product, you’re bound to get confused. You cannot be sure if the most expensive ones give the best productivity.

Therefore, take a look at customer reviews. Also, many brands come with refund policies, customer support, and warranties as well. You should consider checking all these aspects a brand has to offer before you invest in their product.


Finally, we’ve got you prepared for all the shopping you need to do for your grow room equipment. If there are still some questions that trouble you, here are the answers to some FAQs that might help.

Is It Safe To Buy Grow Equipment From Amazon?

It is completely safe to buy grow equipment from Amazon, as long as you do your research. Try to go for brands that are highly reviewed, and have the most positive reviews. Also, there are many Amazon certified brands you should consider tomake sure you place your trust in the right place.

Will I Get Into Trouble While Buying Seeds Online?

Sometimes, you may get into trouble with customs when you order seeds online. Again, you have to make sure your seller is a reliable brand certified to import these items overseas and across jurisdictions. This way, you can avoid getting into trouble or losing your money.

Conclusion on the best grow equipment

Growing weed such as marijuana or cannabis at the comfort of your home can be a rewarding experience, but if you don’t have the right equipment, things can go seriously wrong. However, if you’ve gone through all the information we’ve compiled in this article, you’re pretty much safe from making an adverse decision. Just make sure you know exactly what you have in mind to purchase the ideal environment for your dream grow room, and you’ll be safe. Happy gardening!

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