California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 Review


Grow lights make the difference between a spectacular yield and no yield. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right one. For all those looking for an ultra-powerful 1000-watt grow light, California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 is one of the most top-rated in the 2020 market.

California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100
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California Lightworks 1100 is a horticulture LED grow light, with a maximum power draw of up to 800 watts. If you’ve heard about California Lightworks, you know it’s a stellar product in terms of energy efficiency and cost conservation.

It has several features, which enhance its functionality and durability. To help you navigate these features, we are going to explore California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 in an in-depth review.

So, let’s get started.

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Background on California Lightworks

Firstly, let’s talk about the company.

Founded in 2008, California Lightworks is a US-based company focused on producing advanced LED greenhouse lights. The company has its headquarters in Canoga Park, California. However, it caters to clients all over the globe. 

California Lightworks has two main lines of LED grow lights: the SolarSystem series and the SolarXtreme series. The California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 is the last in the SolarSystem series, after the SolarSystem 550. 

What’s the difference between the two? Essentially, the SolarXtreme is for small-scale indoor use while the SolarSystem series is more versatile. 

For example, you can use the SolarSystem series for:

  • Commercial use
  • Greenhouses
  • Grow tents
  • Indoor gardens
  • Small-scale grow rooms

Overview of the SolarSystem 1100

Overall, the SS 1100 features the latest generation of commercial LED grow lights. The light provides enough power for both vegetative growth and the blooming stage.

SolarSystem 1100
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This LED grow lights fixture provides the same power output as HPS equivalents. However, the product is at least 40% more energy-efficient as it includes programmable spectrum control.

Additionally, these grow lights have a full-color spectrum, meaning they enhance photosynthesis and maximize yields in all types of growing conditions. 

If you’re looking for something versatile, the California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 is a convenient and adaptable product.

Here are the full specs:


As mentioned, the SS 1100 is very versatile, meaning it’s perfect for a single grow tent as well as a large commercial operation.

At full cycle, the total coverage area is:

  • 8 x 8 inches/64 square feet (vegetative stage)
  • 5 x 5 inches/16 square feet (bloom stage)

This is more or less the same as HPS grow lights. However, the light is more intense and concentrated, making it easier to enhance photosynthesis. 

The watt output ranges from 0 to 800, which is ideal for maximizing yields. Consequently, with the maximum coverage area and watt output, the SolarSystem 1100 works excellently even in large spaces. 


Secondly, let’s talk about the lights’ spectrum control. The lights have a full-color spectrum with a blue-red ratio of 0.7:1.

With the SolarSystem controller (sold separately), you can program the lights’ color spectrum to your preference. For instance, blue lights are better for increasing resin production in the blooming stage.


Similarly, white and light green lights promote photosynthesis, helping balance out the blue and purple lights.  

With the spectrum control, you can focus the intensity on the color you want. This adds to the lights’ versatility since the spectrum is fully customizable   

PAR & PPF Values

If you don’t know, PAR values are measurements of the light emissions plants use in photosynthesis (the type of light they absorb). Additionally, PPF values are measurements of light intensity.

PAR values are determined by Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD), which are the values given to the light density within a particular area.

For the California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100, the PAR value is 2813 when the PPFD is 12 inches.

Moreover, the overall light output (PPF) is 1730, assuming that the wattage draw is 800 (the max value).

This is an excellent ratio as it means the lights emit intense waves without consuming a lot of power.

Build Quality

Next, let’s evaluate the California Lightworks 1100 on its construction. As is the case with all California Lightwork products, every single light diode is constructed around the heatsink.

This makes the design more efficient as it reduces space between each layer. Overall, the light is constructed with aluminum, making it both lightweight and compact.

Moreover, the outermost covering is fully sealed to prevent water, dirt, and other debris from entering the fan, end caps, and side plates. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about accidentally splashing water on the light. Also, don’t worry about the LED bulbs overheating.

With the running fan, the LED lights have a 24-hour burn cycle, where they heat and cool automatically. 

Heat Management

The California Lightworks 1100 has a maximum heat output of 2550 BTU. As mentioned, you’ll find the lights in a large heatsink with an in-built fan and cooling system.

The lights operate between 0 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit. When the lights reach the maximum temperature, the burn cycle reaches its end and begins the cooling process. 

However, the room tends to get hot every time the light intensity reaches its max. Therefore, it’s better to use the SS 1100 in a well-ventilated area rather than a closed room.

Modular System

What is a modular LED grow light? Well, they’re LED lights with diode clusters that operate individually. The SolarSystem 1100’s modular system makes it customizable. 

Most grow lights operate all diodes simultaneously. With these, you can’t program the light to focus on a particular color spectrum. 

Controlling the color spectrum yields crops more efficiently and in better quality. With this feature, you maximize light efficiency, ensuring that the plants get their necessary nutrients at the right growing stages.


With all these qualities, it’s evident that the California Lightworks 1100 is a highly advanced LED grow system.

To reiterate, here are the main features of the SolarSystem 1100:

  • Three-channel adjustable spectrum
  • Osram LEDs
  • Individual modular diodes
  • 90-277 Voltage (with automatic recognition)
  • Energy efficient with 2.23 umol/j efficiency
  • Compatibility with all growing stages (propagation, veg, and blooming)
  • Lightweight at 26 lbs
  • Relatively short dimensions at 18x18x4 inches
  • Long six-feet cord

Pros & Cons

After going through all the features, you might be wondering:

What are the pros and cons of buying this grow light?

Well, it’s safe to say there are many more pros than there are cons. The California Lightworks 1100 is a substantial investment for growers. 

It is a high-quality and effective grow light, coming with:


  • A long five-year warranty
  • Excellent thermal management
  • An easy setup
  • Compatibility with multiple coverage areas
  • Infinite possibilities of spectrum control
  • A long LED lifetime rating (50,000+)


  • You have to buy the spectrum controller separately
  • It’s relatively expensive
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In sum, we hope you found this California Lightworks 1100 review helpful and informative. With this review, we can conclude that California Lightworks is a reliable company, dedicated to providing the market with high-tech LED grow light systems. The California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 is certainly no exception to this.

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