Fluence RAY44 LED Grow Light Review


LED grow lights are the new addition to the cannabis industry, offering various benefits as compared to the common grow lights. Even when they are costly, these modern LED grow lights save more power.

LED light bars provide the amount of PAR necessary for the cannabis plants at each phase of their lifecycle. The Fluence Ray44 LED grow light bars are UL-rated for damp locations and are 0-10V dimmable.

Fluence RAY44 LED Grow Light Review

It is an extremely versatile tool we can use to promote full-cycle growth. Moreover, it can be used as an auxiliary light for inducing the photomorphogenic responses.

The Fluence Ray44 is a grow light 44″ in length, and it comes in six different spectral forms.

In this review, I will help you learn more about the Ray44 LED Grow light.

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Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light – An Extensive Review

Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light - An Extensive Review
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Proceed reading, and you will understand all the essential things about this grow light.

What is a Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light?

Fluence Ray44 is a flexible LED Grow Light, which offers a lot of options, as it comes in six different spectral forms. The use of this LED light bar includes:

  • Full-cycle growth
  • Supplementary light to urge photomorphogenic responses

The length of the LED light bar is sufficient for providing shade to a four-foot area.

The Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light comes along with a 120-degree beam angle that is used for proximity cultivations. It minimizes the amount of light on the floor while focusing on your plants alone.

As a result, this LED light will maximize the growth rate as it doesn’t waste a large amount of light.

Weight and Warranty of the Fluence Ray44

The Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light weighs one to two lbs with a voltage of 100-277v. It offers a warranty of three years with 100,000 operating hours.

Spectral Options of the Fluence Ray44

The six different spectral options of the Fluence Ray44 are as follows.

Physio Spec Indoor

As evident from the name, this spectral type of the Fluence Ray 44 is excellent for growing plants from starting to senescence in indoor environments.

You can use this full-cycle spectrum for improving the rapid growth and complete plant development. The PPF of Physio Spec Indoor is 190 mol/s.

Physio Spec Greenhouse

What is a Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light

As compared to the Physio Spec Indoor, the Physio Spec Greenhouse contains a more considerable amount of blue photons. They balance out the plant stretch produced by the sun’s Far-red radiations. It ranges from 400-500nm.

The bright colors of the Physio Spec Greenhouse offer a great research environment, which makes the study of the health of the crop easier. The PPF of Physio Spec Greenhouse is 190 mol/s.


Recent research has found AnthoSpec to be the most convenient spectrum in improving anthocyanin production in plants. It has a dual-peak spectrum ranging from 450nm-660nm.

The purpose of the AnthoSpec is to provide the rapid anthocyanin accretion to the plant tissue. The PPF of AnthoSpec is also 190 mol/s.


The UVSpec provides good photomorphogenic responses by causing mild pressure on plants. You should be careful while applying, as incorrect application of the UVSpec can cause photoinhibition of chloroplasts.

It can result in the death of leaves, lower biomass production, and photobleaching. The PPF of UVSpec is 108 mol/s.


The use of the PrSpec is to detain flowering in short-day plants by targeting Phytochrome Red in photomorphogenic lightning implementation. The peak spectrum of PrSpec is 660nm. However, the PPF of this composition is 200tlumol/s.


How to Use the Fluence Ray44
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Similar to the PrSpec, the PfrSpec is specifically designed to target the phytochrome far-red. It enhances the flowering process in short-day plants by lengthening the dark period. The PPF of PfrSpec is 126 mol/s.

Power Consumed by the Spectral Compositions

Different spectrums and their power consumption is listed below:

  • PhysioSpec Indoor: 85W
  • PhysioSpec Greenhouse: 85W
  • AuthoSpec: 88W
  • UVSpec: 76W
  • PrSpec: 76W
  • PfrSpec: 72W

How to Use the Fluence Ray44?

There is nothing complicated in using the Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light. All you need is to connect the light with a power supply. Then, use the lightning system over your crop.

experience with Fluence Ray44 LED


  • Avoid touching the light bar while it’s operating as the Ray is a high-performance lighting system.
  • Always remove the plug before moving or cleaning the fixture.
  • Don’t look directly at the unshielded LED’s as it can damage your eyes.

My Experience with the Fluence Ray44 LED Grow Light

I found the Fluence Ray44 LED grow light an excellent product due to its versatility. It is a multipurpose LED light bar that accommodates a new crop through different light specifications. 

The best part is you can make a choice from the six spectral options according to your needs.

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Ending Note

The Fluence Ray44 is a great addition to the LED Grow Lights. Before buying it, make sure to learn all the pros and cons of this product. All in all, a wise option for your cannabis plants.

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