Mars Hydro Reflector 192 – 960W – Led Grow Light Review

Mars Hydro Reflector 192

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The Mars Hydro Reflector 192 is the best LED Grow Light for someone who’s on a tight budget and is trying to save money while growing their indoor garden. It has an upgraded panel that features 5-Watt EpiStar LED chips to give a full spectrum of light so that you get the best quality and growth for your indoor garden. Let’s look at the other features and specifications in more details:

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Light Spectrum of the Mars Hydro Reflector 192

The Mars Hydro Reflector 192 is a full-spectrum LED Grow Light with 12 bands that incorporates 192 5-Watt Epistar LED chips in its model. These chips emit white light, which is a deviation from most other LED grow lights. Four of these are infrared LED chips. The grow light’s panel offers two switch modes, Veg and Bloom, which allow users to control the color output of the panel. The panel’s power output ranges between 2700 and 3200 Kelvin.

Mars Hydro Reflector 192 Switch

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Energy Efficiency

It’s a great choice if you’re going for an energy-efficient grow light. The grow light is comparable to a 450 HPS, MH or HID bulb. During the vegetative phase, the panel works on about 250 watts. In the flowering phase, users are recommended to keep both switch modes on to get a total power usage of around 390 Watts.

Hanging Distance

The grow light’s panel is very bright and has to be kept at a distance of about 12 inches from any indoor plants. It also comes with heavy-duty hangers to balance out the grow light’s 17 pounds of weight.

Mars Hydro Reflector 192 Par Value

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The Mars Hydro Reflector Series does an amazing job of staying cool even after 18 hours of usage. With a nonstop 7-day usage, you can be sure that the 192-model will face no problems of overheating or malfunctioning whatsoever. The grow light comes with a proper cooling system so that the panel can withstand power output over long periods of time with its effectiveness and efficiency remaining constant throughout.

The grow light comes with extremely large internal aluminum heatsinks that work simultaneously with the cooling fans, which will spin for as long as the light is in use. This consistent airflow provides effective heat loss even in grow rooms that remain at high temperatures of 80 degrees. Also, the fans are silent, which makes the grow light a great choice for people who prefer a quieter growing environment.

Mars Hydro Reflector 192 Cooling

Warranty Information

The Mars LED grow light comes with a 3-year warranty like all the other grow lights in the Mars Hydro Reflector series. You can also receive repair parts within the second year to perform reparations yourself or have them done by capable servicing shops.

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  • A full spectrum of light
  • 4 infrared chips
  • High quality
  • IR 730nm great for flower stage
  • Comes with EpiStar 5-watt LED chips
  • Separate switches for Veg and Bloom
  • Affordable


  • Not dimmable

Specifications of the Mars Hydro Reflector 192

  • Leds View Angle: 90°/120°Mixed
  • Input Voltage: 85V-265V(AC)
  • Frequency Range: 56~60Hz
  • Life Rating: 50000-100000 hours
  • Certifications: ETL/CE/RoHS
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Cord Length: 6ft
  • Number of leds: 192pcs
  • LED Type: High intensity 5W Epistar
  • Spectrum: 430-440nm, 450-475nm, 620-630nm, 650-670nm, 730nm,2700K,3500K
  • Actual Wattage(±5%): 388W/110v, 374W/220v
  • Veg/Flower Power: Veg power 253W, Flower power 129W
  • Amp Draw: 3.53A/110v, 1.79A/220v
  • Footprint Flower: Up to 4ft x 4ft
  • Footprint Veg: Up to 4.5ft x 4.5ft
  • Core PAR Value: 1200 umols
  • Lumen Output        : 21981 lumen
  • Replaces HPS/MH: 450 watt
  • Product Size: 22 x 19 x 3 inches
  • Net Weight: 17 lbs / 8 KG
  • Heat Output: 1398 BTU
  • Noise Level: 57DB
Mars Hydro Reflector 192 Package


In our Mars Hydro Reflector 192 review, we found that the product seems to be the best LED grow light in terms of it being energy-efficient and budget-friendly. Mars Hydro just recently extended their warranty program to three years. Thanks to this program, Mars Hydro became a lot more reliable and comparable to other brands in the same price range.

Some LED panels can come with a full 3-year warranty and additional features within the same price range as the Mars LED grow light hydro reflector 192. That said, for the indoor gardener that wants the best grow light in a limited budget, this is the best choice. This light definitely has great bulbs and great customer service in North America.

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Still want to know more about this light? Check out this youtube video for an extensive review on the Mars Hydro Reflector 192:

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