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Sunset Sherbet is often called Orange Sherbet or just Sherbet. It is known for having a full-body effect with the right amount of cerebral energy. The name suits its flavor profile well, as it is sweet and intoxicating. However, it was first bred by Mr. Sherbinski, which is probably why it is called sherbet.

It could very well be considered the heir to its parent strain: the Girl Scout Cookies. Its complex flavor and amazing high have made it a favorite for social settings. This body relaxing Indica dominant strain will get rid of all the stress and tension in your body and on your mind.

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Sunset Sherbet: Overview

The Sunset Sherbet Strain (pronounced ‘sherbert’) is an Indica leaning hybrid strain with a potent effect. It is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties, both highly potent strains with unique qualities. Sunset sherbet review indicates that it is among the favorite for both medical and recreational users. 

It is known to give a creative high where the brain gets stimulated. People use it to relax and enhance their overall senses to take in the surroundings. For instance, you could smoke while watching a sunset on the beach with a few of your close friends. 


It typically has a ratio of 85% Indica and 15% Sativa. The THC levels range from 15% to 24%, which is why it has a potent high. Typically, the high lasts for hours, but still, it could vary from strain to strain.


This strain comes from medium to large-sized flowers. The plant has dense leaves, as is typical for Indica plants. The leaves of the plant are wide with vibrant green color. 

Sunset Sherbet Appearance

Although it has orange or rusty pistils, in some flowers, you will see accents of purple. It is just the anthocyanins pigment causing coloration when the temperature drops. The sticky trichomes give the strain its sheen. 


The aroma of Sunset Sherbet has made it really popular. The fruity berry-like smell with clear earthy tree-like overtones gives it a unique aroma. The cured buds give off a mix of sweet berries and zesty oranges, which comes from their parent strains. 

Under the fruity tones, you will find somewhat skunky and pungent dank and hash-like smell. This is mainly because it has the OG Kush in its lineage. As a result, the sherbet weed gives off a harsh smoke that can be stingy and may even make you cough. 


When you exhale this strain, it leaves a tart and saccharine taste. Most commonly, the flavor of this particular strain has been associated with berries, oranges, lemon, as well as, earth. Interestingly, the anthocyanin pigments that often give it a unique purple color do not give it a grapy flavor. 

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Effects of the Sunset Sherbet

After using Sunset Sherbet, you can experience different types of reactions and effects, as listed below. 

Typical Effects

Even though it has an Indica leaning ratio, its effects are more towards the Sativa side. The effects are highly psychoactive that can boost motivation, creativity, and inspiration. However, it does mount gradually like most Indica. It can take a few minutes after a toke to feel the effect.

Typically, it starts with a little pressure in the forehead, which gradually turns into the relaxation of the entire body. Usually, you would feel droopy in your limbs and torso. You would want to be around comfortable things to relax completely. 

As it is high on THC content, a little amount is more than enough to get the cerebral high. With just a small amount, even experienced users can feel its full effects. It may make you slouchy, but the mental stimulation is there. 

Sunset Sherbet Tetrahydrocannabinol

No matter what setting you are in, it will activate your imagination while at the same time keeping your mind lucid. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to use it in small gatherings with a friend. 

Its effects and its name make it better for till after sunset. However, one could use it at any time of the day. It is great for feeling relaxed while at the same time feeling uplifted. 

Common Usage – Side Effects

Common users have not reported any major side effects of the sherbet strain. Both recreational and medical users have only experienced minimal side effects from regular consumption. 

The top side effect is dry eyes and cottonmouth. This can easily be resolved by keeping oneself hydrated. Also, eye moisturizing drops can solve the dry eye problem. 

Headaches can occur, but they are very rare. Very few users have reported mild anxiety and paranoia. However, this seems like an isolated side effect for this strain and is highly unlikely to happen to experienced users.  

Medical Effects

Sunset Sherbet strain has gained its fair share of popularity due to its medical benefits. Its relaxation effects come in very handy for people who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. The uplifting effects can help alleviate mental health disorders. 

mental health

Cancer patients, too, have started using this potent strain. The biggest benefit for such users has been an improvement in appetite and reduction in nausea. The THC, of course, plays a vital part in managing chronic pain. It helps such patients deal and manages the common symptoms of cancer. 

For those who want to use the strain for medicinal purposes should start with a very small quantity. As it is potent with a high concentration of THC, a large amount may circumvent the actual benefit and cause paranoia. 

On the other hand, those patients who are using it for physical problems can use it higher than average quantity. This would ensure that you feel full-bodied high. 

For medical marijuana users, the best way to use sherbet weed is to use it in edibles. It will give you the same benefits, without your lungs getting any smoke. Concentrates and edibles are perhaps a better option for patients. 

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Growing the Sunset Sherbet Strain

The Sunset Sherbet strain is an ideal strain to grow because it requires little maintenance. The best quality of this particular hybrid marijuana plant is that it is not prone to mold, mildew, and insects. 

As a result, even rookie cultivators can grow these indoors. For those experienced cultivators who are pros at growing risky strains like the Headband and Columbian Gold, growing this strain should be a breeze.

The seeds for sunset sherbet may be hard to find, so the easy way to grow these is to get clippings from mature plants. This strain is an Indica hybrid having a heavy-hitting lineage, i.e., Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. 

Hence, its potency and so many other qualities. When you want to grow a strain, it can be helpful to understand its parent strains. 

The GSC strain is one of the most popular strains and has an almost cult-like following. GSC comes from the likes of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. It originated in California, but its popularity and use have crossed the state. With a floral aroma and sweet taste, it gives a euphoric high and relaxes your body. 

The other, rather controversially named Pink Panties, has been derived from Blackberry Kush. It generally has an above-average THC content. 

Required Conditions

The sunset sherbet cannabis requires a Mediterranean climate per se. It needs to grow in a warm and shaded climate with day temperatures around 70-degree Fahrenheit. You can easily provide these conditions indoors even if you live in a colder place. 

When growing indoors, it is vital to maintain optimal humidity levels. For that, you can use a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the natural climate of the region you are in. It is important to note that these grow better in the soil as compared with hydroponics. 

It should not be too hard or too expensive to grow it indoors. Since it grows better in soil, you can save up on splurging on hydroponics. You may still have to buy grow lights, humidifiers, and grow tent. 


The only other thing it requires other than the general water and light maintenance is trimming broad fan leaves. These could shadow the inner and lower nodes and prevent exposure to light. 

The best practice to ensure maximum yield is to expose the plants to cold night temperatures before they are about to flower. This becomes all the more necessary given that this dominant Indica strain has a lower yield. 

Harvest Time and Yield

If you plan on growing it outdoors, it should be ready for harvesting around fall (September to October). Usually, this strain takes about eight weeks to flower, which is not bad at all. Typically, you can grow eight ounces per square meter. If you grow outdoors, the yield is a little higher coming in at 11 ounces per square meter. 


Is sunset sherbet a Sativa or Indica?

Sunset Sherbet is a hybrid strain with most parts Indica and a little of Sativa. It is officially classified as an Indica dominant strain (85%). Interestingly enough, its effect is more towards the Sativa side, which makes up about 15% only. 

You get the best of both Indica and Sativa. The strain is known for its relaxation properties that mirror the traditional effects of Indica. However, it also stimulates your brain and gives an imaginative and creative high, like a Sativa. 

What does sunset sherbet taste like?

It has a fruity flavor with mild earthy tones. This unique flavor comes from its lineage of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Its flavor profile is often described as berry-like and citrusy with dank and earthy tones as you dig in further.

Think of a smoothie made from orange, raspberry, and mango but with earthy tones. In terms of taste, it is more earthy than what the fruity aroma would have you expect. Nevertheless, it is quite sweet for an average strain. 

Is sunset sherbet good for anxiety?

Yes, the sunset sherbet strain is mostly Indica which works well in relieving anxiety. It starts relaxing the whole body from just a few intakes. Your whole body will feel relaxed, but at the same time, your brain will be stimulated with creative thoughts and vivid imagination. This strain is often used by people suffering from anxiety, paranoia, and depression. 


It is quite potent, so only a small amount is recommended for medicinal purposes. Patients with cancer and chronic pain can also benefit from its relaxing effects. The best part is that it does not even have any major side effects. 

Users prefer to smoke this strain in social gatherings as its relaxation effect can help with social anxiety too. If you have a hard time interacting with people, this strain might help eliminate that initial anxiety and help break the ice. 

What does sunset sherbet mean?

The strain gets its name sherbet because it has a fruity aroma and flavor, sort of like sherbet. The sunset is probably affixed because it is believed to be best smoked during or after sunset. Since its primary effect is relaxation, many people use it before hitting the sack. 

This is not the only name it goes by. It is often called just a sherbet or orange sherbet. The latter represents its citrusy fragrance and flavor. 


For those suffering from a mental health issue like depression, stress, and anxiety, it can be very effective in relaxing. The sherbet strain review indicates many individuals use it for both recreational and medicinal use because of its potency. 

It is unique because it relaxes the body but also gives an energy pump to your brain. Subsequently, the high is amazing whether you smoke it or take it in the form of edibles. 

Growing it is not at all difficult, so you can even grow your own. It is slowly becoming even more popular for its hybrid nature and minimal to no side effects. You get sedative-like effects from the Indica composition and a cerebral stimulation from the Sativa. 


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