Best Hemp Oil of 2020 | Complete Review Guide


In recent years, the use of hemp oil has increased to a greater extent. Keeping in mind the benefits of it, many people are opting for new age hemp oil. If you are wondering why people are using it, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Hemp Oil

The new age hemp oil is made of all the natural ingredients, which are essential for your body. If you have anxiety, stress, or any kind of body pain, you can consume this. It will not only help in aiding the pain but also makes your brain cells relax.

RSO oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

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What is Hemp Oil?

It is sourced from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, which has a lot of natural ingredients. It is quite useful in the physical and emotional well-being of a human being. If you add the use of hemp oil in your lifestyle, you will observe many positive changes. 

There is a common misconception that the oil is psychoactive as it contains marijuana. The truth is that it is derived from the same plant species as cannabis. It contains some amount of THC content, which is close to zero.


If you still don’t know the benefits of hemp oil, you must know. In the modern world, where every other person is facing issues related to mental health, hemp oil proves beneficial in this regard.

It helps your brain to relax by targeting the receptor cells. Not only that, but it also helps you fight insomnia. Also, if your body is sore or there is muscle fatigue, you should try hemp oil. It will not only reduce the inflammation, but that makes you feel relaxed.

The Best Hemp Oils of 2020 | Reviews

We have reviewed some best hemp oil products for you, so you can try and get some benefits.

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ZenRenu Organic Hemp Pain Relief Cream

ZenRenu Organic Hemp Pain Relief Cream
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The pain relief cream by ZenRenu is made from organic hemp extract and hemp oil. ZenRenu is an American company, which manufactures health products for decades. Founded in 1965, the company is famous for producing hemp oil creams, lotions, and so much more.

This cream consists of all the natural ingredients suitable for healing purposes. These include turmeric, hemp, anica, aloe, and MSM. The essential oils like hemp oil, peppermint, camphor are also included, which enhances the relieving power of the cream.

As the name suggests, the cream helps in relieving pains from your neck, shoulder, joints, etc. The continuous use of the cream for at least three weeks will give you visible results. 

You will feel the pain is alleviating if you use it twice a day or even more as per the severity of illness. Not only that, but the cream is also useful in resolving minor skin issues as well.


  • Effective for a longer-term
  • Excellent for elderly people
  • Smells like peppermint 
  • Quickly absorbs in the skin


  • Takes time in relieving the pain
  • Expensive 

New Age Hemp Oil

New Age Hemp Oil
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New Age helps you in a lot of ways. It is a US-based company that is famous for producing high-quality hemp oil. The oil is made from 100% organic hemp extract, which is THC free as well. 

The New Age contains a wide range of nutrients and fatty acids, which are beneficial for the overall health of the human. The product comes in two packs containing 3000 mg each. It is a supplemental dietary product as well. 

There are a lot of benefits of New Age, which includes aiding the muscle and joint pains. The oil is not to treat, cure or prevent any disease, but it can give relief to your pain to some extent. It also helps in balancing your hormones, reducing stress, and anxiety. The oil proves useful in improving your sleep cycle as well.

The usage of the oil is quite easy. Just shake the bottle and add a few drops under your tongue for 30 seconds. You can swallow the oil after that. For better results, use it twice daily.


  • Continuous use will relieve the pain 
  • Good for older people 
  • Excellent for people suffering from anxiety
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t contain CBD
  • Doesn’t taste good


Vitaland Hemp Oil
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If you don’t like to apply a cream or take oil directly in your mouth, you should try this oil capsules by Vitaland. The American company has been manufacturing various health products since 2011. 

The oil capsules have gained popularity due to multiple benefits. One advantage is they relieve the pain in any part of your body. 

The best part about these capsules is you can use them instead of vitamins as well. Vitamins build your immunity, nourish your skin, make your hair and nails strong, and improve your health overall.

If you are having difficulty sleeping, taking hemp oil capsules is a great idea. It will reduce stress and relax your muscles so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

Vitaland capsules are mood boosters, so if you have frequent mood swings, you need to try them. If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, you must consult the doctor before using it.


  • Good source of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Doesn’t contain THC
  • Works quickly
  • Easy to swallow


  • Doesn’t contain CBD


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If you are looking for vegan-friendly hemp oil, GreenIVe is the right choice. GreenIVe is a famous name when it comes to products in this category. The US-based company also manufactures other products like hemp roll-on, creams, etc. 

The GreenIVe contains 28 mg hemp oil, which is high-quality C02 extracted. It has no artificial ingredients, fillers, and contaminates. Also, it has vegan omega specifically for vegan people. 

GreenIVe helps a lot in reducing the inflammation of the skin and other skin issues. It proves effective in relieving body aches, improving your sleep cycle, and reducing anxiety. No matter if you are taking it for improving mental or physical health, it is useful in both cases.

The method of using GreenIVe is similar to other oils. You can pour a few drops under your tongue and swallow it after some time. If you feel a few drops aren’t enough, you can increase the dosage as well.


  • 3rd party tested
  • It doesn’t have THC
  • High-quality hemp
  • Inexpensive 


  • Doesn’t taste good
  • It takes some time to show results
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Herbalness Hemp Oil

Herbalness Hemp Oil
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Herbalness is a famous company based in America. The company manufactures a wide range of products not only for humans but also for pets. As the name suggests, all their products are 100% organic with no artificial ingredients. 

The oil contains all the plant-based ingredients and organic essential oils. It gives all the synergistic benefits due to the addition of fatty acids. The best part about this product is it’s unflavored, which means you don’t have to worry about the taste. 

The product contains 1500 mg hemp oil, which proves effective in the well-being of a person. The oil is anti-inflammatory, helps you in better sleep, and relieves any kind of pain as well. If you are suffering from anxiety, this product proves helpful.


  • Unflavored 
  • Gluten-free
  • Suitable for vegans as well


  • Expensive
  • Less in quantity

Premier Organics Hemp Oil

Premier Organics Oil
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Premier Organics oil contains 100,000 mg hemp oil, which is the highest among all the oils we have featured. The American company is famous for manufacturing various organic products. It is one of the best products of Premier Organics.

As it contains the highest amount of hemp oil, you will see the instant benefits. It helps in making you sleep better at night so that you can feel fresh the next morning. It aids in body pain, makes your immune system strong by improving your digestion, and releases stress. 

The Premier Organic oil is 100% organic, which includes extraction of CO2. A 3rd party tests the oil, so you don’t have to worry about the presence of THC. However, the product is very affordable, and you will get two bottles at the price of one.


  • Tastes like peppermint
  • Helps in alleviating headaches
  • A high amount of hemp oil
  • Very affordable


  • It has some side effects


Does Hemp Oil Contain THC?

When hemp oil is sourced, a significant amount of THC is being removed. There are hardly any traces of it, which is near 0.3% only. So it is safe to say the hemp oil does not contain THC.

THC molecule

Does Hemp Oil Contain CBD?

CBD is an ingredient, which is naturally present in Hemp Oil. Most manufacturers do not add an additional amount of CBD oil, so the ones you find in the market only contain a little amount of natural CBD. So, if you are buying it just because of CBD, you need to buy CBD instead.

Does Hemp Oil Get You High?

There is a misconception that hemp oil makes you high; it is wrong. The presence of THC makes a person high, which is almost negligible in hemp oil. Therefore, it does not get you high. 

Furthermore, it is prohibited by law to sell it in the market if it has THC greater than 0.3%. So, you can buy any hemp oil from the market. Persons under the age of 18 can also use it.

What is Hemp Oil Good for?

Hemp oil has a lot of benefits as it helps in improving mental as well as physical health. If you are facing anxiety, stress, fatigue, or insomnia, you must consider using it. A few drops can prove to be quite effective. 

Whether you are having pain in your shoulders or are suffering from arthritis, hemp oil is effective in most body aches. But, it is better to consult a physician. However, it doesn’t cure a person or prevent any disease.

Is Hemp Oil Better than CBD Oil?

Each oil is better in its own terms. It has many benefits without getting you high. However, CBD oil is made from hemp extracts, which deals at a higher level and cure significant health problems. 

The major disadvantage of CBD oil is the high amount of THC, which makes you high. So, if you are looking for a mild solution, you can go for hemp oil. You can get CBD oil for double benefits and some consequences, of course. 

Summary & Conclusions

The use of hemp oil can give you a lot of benefits as it is a good alternative to prescription medications. It not only improves your mental health but also helps in relieving body pains. It also helps in improving various skin problems. 


Our favorite among all the products we have reviewed is Premier Organics. It contains all the organic ingredients, and it is verified by a 3rd party as well. It gives all the benefits of oil at an affordable price. 

Nevertheless, no matter which oil you are buying, don’t forget to use it daily for effective results. 

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