Best Portable Vaporizer for Weed Reviews

The purest, safest and the most effective way to smoke weed is the use of a portable vaporizer, and it has immense advantages, both medicinally and recreationally. With the innovation of the various portable vaporizers and vape pens, vaporizers for weed are the most convenient way to enjoy smoking weed. 

A cool fact about these dry herb vaporizers is that you can easily slip them into your pocket, unlike the bulky tabletop marijuana vaporizer or hookah. You get to carry them anywhere and wherever you wish to. 

Portable Vaporizers for Weed

There are so many types of vape pens, and to make your search for the perfect vaporizer easy, we have selected a total of the 6 best portable vaporizers for weed. You can look for these pot vaporizers on Amazon and you will find the product to buy or get more information.

But before we go on to our list, we would know more about vaporizers, and these are sure to justify our pick. 

ImagePortable Vaporizer Price
Davinci IQ Portable VaporizerDavinci IQBest price/quality ratioCheck price
Storz Bickel Crafty portable vaporizer for weedStorz & Bickel CraftyReader's choiceCheck price
Boundless CFX vape penBoundless CFXEditor's choiceCheck price
PAX 3 portable vaporizer for weedPAX 3Easiest to operateCheck price
Grasshopper TitaniumGrasshopper TitaniumBest stealth vapeCheck price
K-Vape Model 2.0K-Vape Model 2.0Most reliableCheck price

What is a portable vaporizer for weed?

What you need to know on a portable vaporizer for weed is the fact that it offers you all the benefits of smoking weed, while minimizing the downsides. 

Portable pot vaporizers are designed in a way that allows users to inhale weed / cannabis, rather than smoking. This is achieved by heating the dry herbs at temperature lower than an open flame.

Medically, vaporizers can also allow for medicinal cannabinoids, contained within a plant, to enter into the bloodstream quickly. Thereby, it will quickly reach the brain and provides fast-acting relief of unpleasant symptoms of diseases. 

Employing this process also avoids combustion of the weed. It also disallows the advent of harmful irritants in the atmosphere, as the cannabis smoke contains such components. 

How to use a vaporizer?

Weed or cannabis is used extensively in vaporizers, and there is a simple technique to its working. We will cover this technique here.

But, before we proceed, we would like to let you know that it is pertinent to carefully read the instructions on every product before using it. This is because the technical functionality of various products might differ. Irrespective, there are basic parts that are common to all of the best portable vaporizers for weed. 

Heating chamber: 

This section is sometimes referred to as the oven, and it is where the weed is inserted and heated. This produces the vape for inhalation. From one unit to the other, the size, shape and location would differ. If the vaporizer is designed to standard, the weed is heated from multiple sides, and maximizes the convection or airflow through the material.

Power supply: 

Rechargeable batteries power most vaporizers, but other vaporizers need an external charger, which is often included. 


This part of the portable vaporizer is one through which the vapor is inhaled. There are different designs, but the common ones have small rubbers or glass pathways. There are also mouthpieces made of hose style sections, while others are of inflatable bags that are filled with vapors, giving room multiple inhalations. 

Temperature control: 

There are a variety of vape pens, and there are some that have temperature adjustment control. This control can come in two forms; dial or button control. 

Cleaning supplies: 

Taking care of the portable vaporizer is pertinent to its functionality over a long period of time. This is why some dry herb vaporizers come with small brushes, swabs, or spare parts. 

Take this into consideration when using a portable dry herb vaporizer

Getting the dry herb vaporizer warmed up

When warming up the portable vaporizer, it needs about one or two minutes. This starts when the pot vaporizer is turned on. For some products, there is an indicator that tells you when the desired temperature is reached. 

How to load the chamber 

Before you put your various weeds into the vaporizer, you must ensure that they are properly ground. This is required so that the heat can effectively permeate the weed, and this would help activate the cannabinoids. It is not impossible that your device did not come with a grinder, in this case, you can always purchase a grinder for this purpose at a dispensary. It is not advisable that you ground your weed with your hands, as the cannabinoid rich content can stick to your hands, and this would lower the potency of the weed. Make sure that the vape pen is properly closed when you are done introducing the substance. 

Adjusting temperature

You can adjust the temperature of almost all best portable vaporizers for weed, however, some are set to a fixed temperature. On some portable vaporizers, there is the possibility of setting the temperature to low, medium and high. 

With the best portable vaporizers, you can adjust your vaporizer to a specific temperature, that can range from 360 – 380°F. 

If the temperature is below 350°F, the portable vaporizer produces a mild and vivid effect that is the best for first time users. However, if the temperature is above 400°F, it results in a more concentrated effect that is meant for regular users. 


On activating and warming up the device, you can quickly inhale via the mouthpiece. When you want to exhale, the vapor should be visible and tasteful. This this shows that the dry herb vaporizer is working perfectly. 


As you continue to inhale from the pot vaporizer, the cannabinoids level decreases. This is because the vaporizer liberates essential oils from the flower. 

As this process continues, the color of the flowers changes from green to brown, but you should note that the substance will not be burnt or turn to ash. 

When the vapor from the vape pen thins out, and loses its flavor, it’s an indicator that the flower has released most of its cannabinoid content. Fresh weed has to be inserted into the portable vaporizer. Left overs from each vaporizing process can be discarded, but can be used for other purposes as well. 

Types of portable weed vaporizers

Clearomizers or cartomizers?You don’t need to be confused when seeing these terms, they are simply the types of vape pen tanks that are out there. They are basically the parts that split the vape pens into categories or types. 

These types of vape pen tanks are mostly confused, with one another, and this is justifiable. They have so many similarities, but there are also many differences. What are the differences in the types of portable vaporizers?

The use of either of the two is based on the user’s preference, but clearomizers are the most popular type of vape pens. They are used frequently in the various best portable vaporizers for weed. 

These two tanks are made of two parts, there is a tank portion to hold the juice, and there is also the atomizer that holds the juice in the tank. These two tank types have the atomizer built into them, and are connected to a battery that connects with the tank. This battery initiates the vaporization process. 

Clearomizers and cartomizers explained


This vape pen tank type is one with the tank and atomizer made into one piece. This tank type derives its name ‘’clearomizer’’ in that it is a clear or opaque tank. 

The sole purpose of the tank is to hold the juice, while the atomizer functions to vaporize the juice by heating it. 

The mouthpiece that is connected to the tank is called the drip tip, and it is the valve through which you puff the vape pen. 


The ego vape pen is a brand of vape pen that uses a cartomizer. Although, clearomizers more popular among portable vaporizer users. The cartomizer’s body frame is metallic, against the clear tank of clearomizers. The cartomizer can serve as both the cartridge and the atomizer at the same time. 

The difference between the two types is the fact that in a cartomizer, when the atomizer is broken, the whole tank has to be replaced, unlike the atomizers in clearomizers. 

In simpler terms, when the atomizer of a clearomizer tank goes bad, you can simply unscrew it, and have it replaced. In the cartomizer, you need to get a total replacement, and this would come at an extra cost. 

Also, on the cartomizer, different materials are used to make the various wicks it has. By heating the coil, the polyfill material in the tanks serve the purpose of soaking the juice. This is much spongier than the wick on the clearomizer. 

Several designs and innovations have gone into making and optimizing the use of vaporizers an enjoyable and efficient one, and as such many types of vaporizer products, simply called vape pens, have evolved. 

Top #5 Best Portable Vaporizer for Weed Reviews

There are numerous Amazon portable vaporizer products out there, and coming up with this list is nothing short of an uphill task. Many of these products have great features and functionalities that put them in their own class. 

We have tried our best to present the most complete list of the best portable vaporizers for weed. These dry herb vaporizers are probably the best you can find on Amazon.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Davinci IQ Portable Vaporizer
Check price

We doubt if there is ever going to be a more intelligent vaporizer out there. The mouthpiece of this vaporizer is made of high quality material, and a 100% zirconia air path. 

This allows the user to inhale just the best form of flavor, a taste of difference from the other vape pens. The use of this quality material and sleek design has elevated the purity levels for flavors. 

Featuring on the IQ vaporizer is a smart path technology that gives users the ease of selecting between 4 temperature settings. These settings allow the device to automatically pick the optimum temperature for your vaporizer experience. 

The Davinci IQ portable vaporizer for weed is simple and smart; a great user experience. Its technology combines three functionalities, which include; smart path mode, precision mode and boost mode. This augmentation gives a great custom user experience. 

This portable vaporizer also includes a Bluetooth app integration, which gives complete control of the vape pen to users. You can track smart path usage and other important information about the device. 

With this app, the portable vaporizer can be optimally used to its full potential in a powerful and smarter way. If you ever want a vape pen that you can control by just the tapping of your screen, the Davinci IQ is the way to go. 

Storz and Bickel Crafty vaporizer

Storz Bickel Craft portable vaporizer for weed
Check price

The crafty portable vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is one of the best portable vaporizers for weed that fits into your pocket. This portable vaporizer is designed for thick clouds and pure flavor, a result of its diffused convection heat jets. 

This device features 8 diffused air jets permeate material that is flushed with convective heat. This is while conductive heat passes through the walls of the stainless steel loading chamber. 

If you are in search of a vape that offers the least restrictions, the crafty is the go-to-vape. This portable vaporizer for weed allows for a nearly open airflow with loosely packed materials. 

Also, this device features a powerful and accurate heater. When switched on, it takes just about 90 seconds to reach the optimum vaping temperature. 

When you need to charge the pen, it takes about 30 minutes to completely charge. 

There is also the cooling unit. It works through an elongated path that can drastically reduce the temperature of the pen, before you place the mouthpiece in your mouth. 

In addition to this great heating and cooling system, the users are also offered flexibility of use, as there are two temperature settings included. It can be adjusted between 104 – 410°F, using the Bluetooth app. 

The Bluetooth app also serves as the control for the sleep timer, vibration notifications, and LED brightness. 

This portable vaporizer charges quickly, as the pack is equipped with a micro-USB. The portable size of the vape affords users the ease of moving it around and using it anywhere, anytime. 

Boundless CFX vaporizer

Boundless CFX vape pen
Check price

If you are looking for a portable vaporizer that has all core features from top brands, but is cheaper, then the Boundless CFX vaporizer is for you. 

The extraction level of this vaporizer is of top-tier. It also maintains a great battery life by effectively combining its conductional and convectional heating processes. 

The device is equipped with two batteries, that can go about 10-15 cycles when fully charged. The vape pen produces about 7.4v after its supersonic heating process that takes about 25 seconds. 

There is a full temperature range is on this portable vaporizer, ranging from 100°F – 430°F, and the large digital display of the device offer easy access to this temperature range. Once a selected temperature is reached, the device vibrates to notify the user it is ready for use. 

The heating chamber can accommodate both large and small loads of dry materials, and in it, there is cotton present, which is needed for oil use. 

You can charge the CFX super fast, and it is as easy as it can get. 

PAX 3 portable vaporizer

PAX 3 portable vaporizer for weed
Check price

Loaded with great features, the Pax 3 is ultra-compact and a stem of the tradition of quality and performance of the Pax brand. It is very tiny with its ergonomic design, and made with materials suitable for the medical grade. 

This portable vaporizer is made of high-quality materials. It consists of high-polished aluminum for the body, stainless steel for the air path, and a mouthpiece made of silicone. When it comes to form and function, no portable vaporizer beats the class of Pax 3. 

The battery can last for about 90 mins of continuous use, and the 3500mAh battery gives it a heating time of about 25 seconds. 

This device can also be controlled via a Bluetooth powered mobile app. Functions like vibration, lights and temperature can be controlled with the mobile app. 

For temperature, there are 4 adjustable settings. When a set temperature is reached, the device vibrates to notify you it is ready to use. 

In functionality, this vape pen is advanced as it features a lip/motion sensitive heater, which increases the temperature when needed, and when in use, it cools it. 

Grasshopper Titanium portable vaporizer

Grasshopper Titanium
Check price

Designed by hopper labs, the grasshopper portable vaporizer is the first vaporizer to be built as a result of crowdfunding. 

The rate at which the device heats up is impressive. It takes just a few seconds after the button is clicked. This device also has a spinning dial at the back, with which the temperature can be controlled seamlessly. The temperature can range from 260°F to 410°F. 

The portable vaporizer has a sleek ergonomic design, and it is one of the lightest portable vaporizers available. 

Also, it is one of the least smelly vapes. The best thing about this vape pen is that it’s actually the most close to an actual pen of all the portable vaporizers. Most people won’t notice the difference and you can use this vaporizer in stealth.

K-Vape model 2.0 vaporizer

K-Vape Model 2.0
Check price

The K-Vape model 2.0 features an ergonomic design, functioning on an unadulterated convection warming, capped by the lack of ignition vaporization. 

It is super compact, and moderate in its body size. Either if you are a beginner or a veteran, this is a great pick for you. This vaporizer has a great feel and build to it. Also, although this pen only has a 0.6 tank capacity, it is super efficient.

This portable vaporizer has a stainless steel chamber, which is great for heating your weed. It doesn’t miss a spot because it heats everything up very effectively. 

The K-Vape model 2.0 includes various programmed temperature settings, with a smooth styling. If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on getting something of high quality, this portable vaporizer is perfect for you. 

The K-Vape is made of premium quality materials, but comes at an affordable price.

There are three distinct settings for the temperature aligned with respective colors; 320°F (Red), 380°F (green), 420°F (blue). These ensure that the herbs are warmed to the ideal level without combustion. 

Still not sure which vaporizer to choose? Check out this video for an extensive review on various portable vaporizers for weed.

Conclusion on the best portable vaporizer for weed

If you are ever going to enjoy smoking your weed, the use of vaporizers cannot be underestimated. But, getting the right vape pen can be tricky. The above details are what you should note and compare.

Use all the facts to compare it to your preferences, before you go get your vaporizer. This way, you can get the best portable vaporizer for weed available. Make sure to check out Amazon for all the best offers on vape pens.

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