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T5 are one of the most popular forms of lighting used in growing plants, cannabis and vegetables. They are especially useful for indoor use as they do not require extra energy and can function well in conditions inside your house. T5 lighting is very efficient and over the years these lights have been used to grow even small and tiny flowers. Growing marijuana with these lights is something that is very common nowadays.

A process that requires a lot of care and concentration, the T5 grow lights are the only product that has proven useful. But what is a T5 light? These lights come in tubular form and are long and thin in style. They can sometimes be confused with small tube lights because of their shape and design.

The fluorescent light emitted from the tubes is what makes the T5 light special. The diameter is 5/8-inch and hence the size is easy to adjust. You can carry this light anywhere you want. You must know how to pack it up because the shell is fragile and if it is pushed hard it can break.

Understanding the technical aspects of the light is also important to use it properly. However, there is no need to know the details if you are not interested in them.

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T5 growing and the perfect light size

T5 lights come in different sizes. The first thing you must check is the size that will work best for your needs. If you want a fixture that only covers a small space, you should buy the light that is not too big and heavy as it will only be a waste of space, energy and money.

If you are looking for a larger size, your plants mass should be bigger too. A big size will use less energy in the long run and hence save you money. These lights run on electricity and so you should be prepared for more electricity bills. T5 light has a higher power consumption compared to LED.

T5 lighting uses different kinds of bulbs depending on your need. The different bulbs emit various color temperatures. The color temperatures will then determine how fast your plant will grow and how much heat it will exorcise. You should be well aware of the types of color temperatures.

Many of the first time buyers make the mistake of going for a very strong temperature in the hopes of getting the work done quickly but that is not how you should choose the light. It is better to ask an experienced person for this information and then make a purchase.

Setting up a T5 light fixture for indoor growing

Setting up the T5 lighting is not as difficult as you might think. There are a few things you have to take care of and the rest will fall into place automatically.

Firstly, you should know how high you want the light to be from the plants. The height plays an important role in the growth speed and quality of the plant.

Some plants require less heat and light than others so keep a check on them in the first few days of placing the T5 grow light. This is an experimental process and it is okay if you are not getting the results you want in the first few days of use. You will understand the technical aspects after using the lights properly.

The T5 lights have a very popular opponent known as the LED grow lights. The differences in these two types of grow lights have been debated upon for many years. We will explain what LED Grow lights are and why they are better than T5 for growing indoor plants, cannabis, flowers, and vegetables.

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LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights come in a flat screen like shape that is placed on top of plants. They use heat and light to grow plants which are often not grown outside or are in places with little to no heat. These lights are an exact replica of the natural light which is observed outdoors. They provide a full spectrum and are known for their balanced light emission.

LED grow lights are also very cost effective and have better energy uses and efficiency than the other lights available in the market. The companies producing these lights have monitored the market for a long time and discovered that people trust LED more than other types of light. A t5 grow is also different to LED because it changes the complete environment of your growing area. T5 growing recquires more equipment in the long run.

Why LED is better than T5 lights?

T5 vs LED

LED grow lights are better than T5 lighting because of several reasons. One of the main ones is that in the long term, LED lights do not get damaged easily and can be used for several years. T5 lights have a shorter lifespan in comparison and if you want to keep an indoor vegetable garden running all through your retirement years, than you must pick the LED to grow lights.

LED lights have also proven to produce the best possible yield in the least amount of time. So if you can afford to upgrade your garden system, LED grow lights are probably your best option.

Check out some interesting facts about T5 lights and T5 growing!

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