Cannabis Grower Salary | How much do weed farmers make?


Have you ever wondered how much is a cannabis grower salary? Cannabis is the most cultivated plant worldwide. With the growing use of marijuana in the medical field, more people are setting up industries, which means more employment. The cultivation of cannabis plants is difficult and time-consuming; that is why cannabis jobs usually offer higher pay. 

In the US, the legal marijuana industry was estimated at $10.4 billion in 2018. The marijuana industry generated this huge revenue when a total of 250,000 jobs were devoted to the handling of the plants. 

Today, there are various jobs available in the cannabis industry. From growth operation to working in dispensaries, you can choose between multiple options and can earn well. To learn more about how each job pays, read the complete article!

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Medical Cannabis Grower Salary

Becoming a legal cannabis grower is a desirable job nowadays. However, the job comes with a lot of responsibility. As a result, it has become a highly paid job. An entry-level medical cannabis grower salary starts from $13 per hour. Similarly, a medical cannabis grower with an experience of 1-4 years can earn $14.86 per hour on average. 

Medical cannabis grower salary

Master Grower Salary

In the cannabis industry, the cultivation of marijuana is the first step. The job is highly paid as it requires specific skills. The use of the latest technology and the knowledge of various strains of marijuana is essential to become a master grower. 

So what a master grower does? The job of the master grower is to look after the cultivation of various strains of marijuana plants. Also, they lead all house growers and some other vital tasks.

The master grower salary is yearly $104,000 on average. Sometimes master growers also get a share in growth operation’s profit.

Assistant Grower Salary

If you are still studying and want to work in cannabis production, you can work as a junior grower. The main job of an assistant grower is to assist the master grower. They work on a variety of other tasks, which gives them a hands-on experience. 

An assistant grower is paid less than their supervisors based on the job. In the US, they usually receive a salary between $38000- $49000 yearly on average.

Bud Trimmer Salary

One way to gain experience in the cannabis industry is to start working as a bud trimmer. A bud trimmer is an entry-level position in the cannabis job market. The main task of a bud trimmer is to harvest marijuana plants by cutting the flowers from its stems. The job is basic; moreover, it doesn’t require extensive knowledge.

Becoming a bud trimmer will set ways for you to become a master grower after getting enough experience. A bud trimmer’s salary is $27,000 per year.

Extraction Technician Salary

Extracting marijuana from the plants is a technical job. Also, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the cannabis industry. A marijuana extraction technician should have in-depth knowledge. The experience with equipment is important too though an extracting machine does the major work. Moreover, if you own a Ph.D. degree, you will earn much more.

The average salary of an extraction technician ranges from $70,000 to $133,000. However, they go up to $180,000 for degree holders. An extraction technician gets double the cannabis grower salary, so you must consider this job. 

Edible Producer Salary

You must be wondering what does an edible producer do? Simply put, an edible marijuana producer is responsible for making cannabis-infused foods and drinks. These are commonly put up for sale at dispensaries for various purposes. The cannabis producer earns a lot as their job requires detailed attention. 

Edible producer salary

In order to become an edible producer, you must acquire a proper degree in culinary arts. Not only that, a license must be obtained from the state as well. An edible producer earns between $50,000-$100,000 yearly.

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Dispensary Jobs

All the jobs mentioned above are in the production houses. From cultivating to harvesting marijuana plants, there are multiple jobs in cannabis production. However, legal marijuana is put up for sale on dispensary stores for medical and recreational purposes. 

Budtender Salary

A person who helps customers buying the desired cannabis strain at a dispensary store is known as a budtender. The job description of a budtender includes extensive knowledge of cannabis and a bit of experience in customer service. A budtender has an average salary of $36,000 per year.

Dispensary Manager Salary

A dispensary manager is responsible for managing the activities that happen within a dispensary. Keeping an eye on local law enforcement and dealing with vendors are also responsibilities of a manager. Usually, the dispensaries hire a person with a medical degree for this job, for instance, a nurse, pharmacist, etc. A dispensary manager’s salary is $75,000 on average.

Dispensary Owner

People think that a dispensary owner must be a millionaire, which is just a misconception. The medical marijuana industry is still in its initial stages. Hence, you can’t expect a huge profit margin at the start. They don’t have a fixed salary as they are the dispensary owner. Therefore, they usually earn between $2,00,000-$2,50,000 or sometimes even more.

Sales Representatives

A cannabis sales representative should have a vast knowledge of all aspects of the business. They are responsible for building relationships between dispensary stores and cannabis growers. However, they work on a commission basis, so there is no fixed salary.

Cannabis Job Training 

Cannabis grower is still a new industry as the institutions have not introduced proper degrees yet. However, some certification programs give proper cannabis training. Mostly, the Cannabis industry hires people with relative degrees for various jobs.

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Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

With the passing days, people are more keen to set up a cannabis business. In the US, the legalization of cannabis has made it easy for people to get a job in marijuana cultivation. People have started it as a career choice for themselves, as the cannabis industry has instantly become one of the highest paying industries.

job opportunities in the cannabis industry

The competition in the industry is still less than in other sectors. However, it is the right time you make a career choice because cannabis grower salary is worth-while.

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