How to Roll a Joint? | Complete Guide


If you are a cannabis grower, you will surely know about cannabis joints. They are the most flavorful way to consume cannabis. A joint is simply a rolled-up cannabis cigarette. Unlike the tobacco wrap, the user rolls up the cannabis with the help of rolling paper. In this article, we’ll teach you how to roll a joint.

If you don’t know it already, rolling up the perfect joint is an art. It follows a smart and careful way to fill the cannabis and seal the wrap. If you’re new to rolling a joint, it may take a couple of takes to ace rolling the perfect joint.

How to roll a joint

Here you can go through a step by step procedure to learn how to roll up the perfect joint all by yourself!

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All about Cannabis Joints

Basically, there are three different categories you can divide the cannabis joints into: 

  • Joint
  • Bluff
  • Spliffs 

The joints and blunts only have cannabis inside them. The only difference between a joint and a blunt is that a joint is rolled up in a light paper, including a filter. The blunts, on the other hand, are rolled up in a thick brown tobacco paper. 

Spliffs are a combination of cannabis and tobacco. These two ingredients are mixed together and rolled in the same paper as a joint.  Blunts are usually considered as a dense source, due to the combination of tobacco paper and cannabis. 

Size, flavor, and thickness of the paper are all different criteria when you choose the type of joint you want to make. After all, the choice is undoubtedly in your hands as to what kind of experience you want to enjoy.

What do You Need to Roll Up a Joint?

Here are the items you should have while rolling a joint: 

  • Dried Cannabis Flowers. This is the most essential ingredient you will require. The better the quality and source of the flower, the better the result. Learn to grow high-quality cannabis at GrowYour420.
  • Cannabis Grinder – to grind your weed or the Cannabis flowers.

  • Pen or a similar object to pack the joint – This is an optional requirement.

  • Rolling paper – You can use thin cardboard, such as business cards, to roll up your cannabis joint. 

The choice of the right rolling paper can impact your cannabis experience hugely. Tobacco papers are generally sweeter than the ones used in joints. The thicker the paper, the slower it will burn, making it more long-lasting. 

what do you need to roll a joint

The aroma the paper carries can influence your choice. Each paper would have a different aromatic quality and would make your experience different. Too much aroma would give you a bad experience as you will dislike it more than you enjoy it. 

The best quality papers are strong and tear easily in your hands. They have a better handgrip and they burn smoothly too.

How to roll a Joint? – Step-by-Step Guide

There’s a step by step procedure of how to roll the best joint. 

Grinding Marijuana

The first step to roll the perfect blunt is to crush the cannabis flower (weed) with the help of your index fingers or a cannabis grinder. The use of a grinder can give you suitable, even particles as compared to the ones ground by fingers. The ground particles from a grinder burn smoothly. 

The amount of marijuana you grind should be in accordance with how much you want to roll up and the effect or hit you want. It can range from 0.2 grams to even two or three grams.

Making the Ideal Crutch 

A crutch is basically a mouth filter that you put on your cannabis joints or blunts. Attaching a crutch at the end of their joint or blunt is solely on the choice of the user. The primary purpose is to make it easy to hold and to provide a more open-air intake when you’re taking a hit. 

Also, a crutch can also prevent your lips from getting burnt or changing their color. A crutch can also help you in finishing the full joint without any trouble. You can buy pre-rolled crutches, or you can even make your own from cardboard. 

To begin with, you will need a thin card sheet. Tear off a small rectangle piece, and roll it over to your desired size, and your crutch is ready.

Placing the Cannabis Inside 

Start with placing your rolling paper over a flat surface, and placing the crutch at one end. Fill in the cannabis inside that you had previously ground. Spread it out evenly lengthwise under the seam, up till where the crutch sits. 

placing marijuana inside the joint

The quantity should be even all over. Excessive quantity would make it harder to roll it and tear the paper. A cone shape can be achieved by filling less cannabis at the end where the crutch is, and more at the mouth of the joint. 

Rolling the joint

After putting all the stuff inside, carefully start rolling the paper from the farthest end, and pinching it all over as you roll over to hold the Marijuana at its place. You can roll it up with the help of your thumbs and index fingers. 

Make sure that you do not roll it loosely. It should be tight and firm all over. If you roll the joint up loosely, it will not burn properly.

On the other hand, if you roll it over too tight, it would be harder to take a hit. So it should be smooth and firm to get the optimal result. Don’t forget to tuck the wrap after you have rolled it up!

Sealing Your Joint 

When you have rolled your joint, the next step is to seal it correctly. Start by licking from the end where your crutch meets the paper and till the end. Failing to seal it properly would ruin your experience, and can result in all the stuff falling out from the loose ends. 

Once you have rolled it, use a pen or a similar object, and press the stuff that is present at the mouth of your joint. Pack the end of your joint by pushing the stuff inside softly, and making some space for the paper to twist at one end to secure the stuff inside.


The last step would be to bake your joint or blunt. This step isn’t absolutely necessary though, but some people do it for tightening the seal. It’s about running the lighter’s flame swiftly across the length of the whole joint, up and down.

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Conclusion on How To Roll A Joint

Rolling the joint takes some practice. Of course, you might roll up a joint for the first time and it will open up and scatter around. Give it a go a couple of times, and in no time you will ace rolling up the perfect joint.

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