OG Kush Cannabis Strain | 2020 Review


The OG Kush strain is one of the top marijuana strains in the market. It’s highly popular because of its many health benefits, particularly in regards to chronic pain relief. It makes many other West Coast cannabis varieties, making it very popular in Northern California.

No one knows its exact origins. However, one thing we do know is that the OG Kush has amazing medicinal properties. To learn more about the OG Kush, including its THC content, medicinal benefits, and overall review, check out the review below.

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Marijuana Seeds

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What is OG Kush?

The OG Kush strain (stands for Original Gangster Kush) is a cannabis strain with THC levels ranging from 20% to 27%. Compared to other marijuana strains, this is a very high THC potency. It’s primarily grown in northern and southern California as well as Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. 

As mentioned, no one knows who discovered its strain structure. Of course, many theories are surrounding the mystery. Some people say that the strain originated using kush seeds with Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush landrace. Alternatively, others claim that it’s a phenotype of other cannabis strains.

Before we get to the review, let’s identify some of the key things OG Kush is used for:

  • Pain relief
  • Nausea relief
  • Easing anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Also helping adjust sleeping patterns for insomniacs

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The Review

Now that you know what it is, let’s explore how effective it is as a type of medical marijuana. Since it classifies as medical marijuana, growing and consuming OG Kush (with proper permits and prescriptions respectively) is legal, which is a plus. 

As for its other features, including appearance, flavor, smell, effects, and ease of growth, we’ve reviewed them as follows: 

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What does the OG Kush look like? Well, the buds are medium-sized and nugget-shaped. If you’ve seen other types of Indica strains, you know they have dense leaves. The OG Kush strain is no exception. 

Usually, the leaves are a mixture of yellow and green. However, they can also have streaks of purple, depending on the weather. The purple streaks emerge in cold temperatures, a result of anthocyanin pigmentation (activated in low climates).

Moreover, the buds have bright orange pistils, which attract insects to help pollination. Overall, the buds have a silvery appearance and are very sticky, so you should always use a grinder when preparing them for a joint. 

OG Kush strain - Appearance

Aroma & flavor

After achieving proper growth, OG Kush buds emit a very earthy smell. Some people compare the odor to pine trees. Inexperienced people will pass the smell off as outdoor musk. 

The smell is a stark contrast to the bright, orange appearance and flavor. Once you light up the OG Kush joint, the smell turns pungent, becoming harsher. We don’t recommend inhaling the smoke from the joint as this causes coughing, eye-watering, and sinus trouble. 

Additionally, the smell lasts a long while, even after you’ve extinguished the joint. Consequently, if you don’t want people to know you’ve smoked an OG Kush strain, it’s better to smoke at least four hours before a meeting. 

As for the flavor, unlit OG Kush has hints of Lemon Thai, lime, and Old Spice. After it’s lit, the taste is spicier, similar to most classic Indica strains.

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The Effects of OG Kush

Let’s divide the effects into two categories: health and body high. Firstly, let’s explore the health effects. Is the OG Kush as effective as claimed? Most studies on OG Kush report that:

  1. 40% of users claim it helped their anxiety and stress
  2. 30% of users state it helps chronic pain
  3. 20% of users say it helped their depression and insomnia
OG Kush strain - effects

If you want to try it out, it could be helpful. However, make sure you take the right amount, or else you get a couch lock.  

Secondly, the body high from the OG Kush strain is very sudden. You get an immediate headrush leading you to sit down and stare at your environment. You may see colors and hear sounds more intensely, which either leads to euphoria or paranoia (depending on how you generally react to marijuana). 

Generally, it’s uplifting and works better than most caffeine-filled drinks. Since your senses are more focused, mental stimulation increases. Therefore, it’s better to take it during the daytime and early mornings. 

Although, the high is not as intense as purer Indica and Sativa breeds. You won’t get disoriented or ‘mind race’. If you don’t know, ‘mind race’ is when you have a series of rapid thoughts without any continuity or connections. 

Consequently, this cannabis is better for people who are sensitive to marijuana highs. 

Now, what are the side effects? As mentioned, paranoia is one as well as a couch lock.

Others include:

  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Hunger

Side effects usually occur if you take too much, so monitor your usage.

Growing OG Kush

Growing OG Kush is both an indoor and an outdoor task. The seeds are more adaptable than other types of Indica and Sativa strains. For outdoor growth, the temperature should remain between 70 and 75 degrees F. 

Alternatively, the indoor growing process doesn’t have a fixed temperature. You need different temperatures for different stages.

It’s easier to grow it indoors because you manipulate the environment to suit the plants’ needs exactly. Therefore, you yield more buds from your plants. However, with outdoor cultivation, you can plant more seeds (than in indoor spaces) and yield more results that way. 

With both indoor and outdoor cultivation, the plants don’t grow more than two to three feet tall. Moreover, the indoor growing time is about nine weeks, with growers gaining an average of 45 grams per square foot. This is a faster yield than from outdoor growing methods.

Lastly, it’s difficult to air out the pungent and earthy smell indoors. This is a plus for outdoor cultivation because the air is cleaner.  


In essence, the OG Kush is a very popular strain in the market because it’s generally effective and has successfully produced multiple crossbreeds. It has some side effects, which users may find difficult to deal with. However, these side effects are common to all marijuana strains and simply need to be monitored.

As for farmers, the OG Kush is easier to grow than other Indica strains. Therefore, it’s a good choice to invest in kush seeds rather than any other.


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