7+ Best COB LED Grow Lights – 2020 Reviews


Looking for a cool and energy efficient solution to your entire indoor weed growing needs? Well, a relatively new technology might interest you. The cool and efficient operation, as well as the mostly full spectrum light, ensures proper growth and metabolism of your plant. For the perfect COB LED light for your cannabis plants, check out our COB LED grow lights reviews below. But first…

COB LED grow lights
Led Grow Light

LED Grow Light Reviews

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What are COB LED grow lights?

The term ‘COB’ stands for Chip On Board. In this type of light, a large number of LED chips are mounted together on a single board to create one long series of LED lights. 

This reduces the number of components and allows all the LED to light up together as a single source.

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Why use COB LEDs and not another grow light?

This type of lights allow for more LED chips to be installed on the same substrate. They also tend to be cheaper than others and more long-lasting. 

In addition to this, they allow for a higher intensity as well as more uniform lighting. They don’t heat up like the HIDs or the SMDs. Their efficient heat sink technology ensures noiseless cooling. 

Lastly, they mostly generate white light so your tent won’t look eerily red or purple. 

The difference between COB LED and traditional SMD LEDs:

Surface Mounted Device or SMD LEDs are quite popular in the market. However, COB LEDs seem to be slowly taking over. Here are some major differences between the two:

  1. COB LEDs appear more often on the light panel due to the reduced number of components while in SMD; there are lesser LED lights on the same size panel.
  2. COB lights have a higher intensity and tend to be more uniform in lighting. 
  3. The light produced in COB is much denser and stronger. 
  4. The COBs are not as bulky as SMDs even with the same lumen density. 
  5. COBs produce less heat than SMDs as they have fewer components and the heat dissipation system is more effective. 
  6. SMDs allow you to change the color of the light while COB only produces a single color light (white). 
  7. Better light distribution and coverage by SMDs.
  8. SMDs penetrate better than the COB LED light. 
COB LED chips vs SMD LED chips

Apart from that, they are quite similar in the fact that they offer lights of a wide light spectrum range. They both tend to last a long time and they both ensure an energy efficient operation. However, you can clearly see why a COB LED light can beat an SMD LED any day in terms of efficieny!

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Top 7 COB LED grow lights reviews:

COB LED grow light
CF Grow 200W WaterproofEditor's ChoiceBuy Online
Roleadro 800WEditor's ChoiceBuy Online
KingLED X6Buy Online
Newest 600WBuy Online
Niello 600WBuy Online
Yueme 1500WBuy Online
Mars hydro ECO 300WBuy Online

CF Grow 200W Waterproof

CF light 200W waterproof
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The CF Grow Light is a strongly built LED grow light that includes a spectrum of 380 – 780 nm. It comes with a dimmable control so you can control the intensity from 10 – 200 W. Also included is a silent cooling fan that will keep the heat in control. Further, the light comes with a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. This grow light is lightweight so you won’t have trouble in maneuvering it.


  1. Long lifespan;
  2. Full spectrum;
  3. Easy to maneuver;
  4. Can be controlled easily.


  1. A little expensive;
  2. Includes no warranty or guarantee.

Roleadro 800W

Roleadro 800W COB LED grow light
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The Roleadro 800 COB is the perfect light for the flowering and fruiting stages. The lights include a daisy chain connection so you can use more lights in a series. Moreover, it has full spectrum, which is perfect for all kinds of plants. In addition, each COB LED light is supported by a separate source. Also included is a sunflower heat dissipation system, which ensures the temperature never rises above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  1. Includes heat dissipation system;
  2. Full spectrum;
  3. Each light is controlled separately;
  4. Long lifespan of 50,000 hours. 


  1. The wavelengths of the spectrum are not mentioned;
  2. No control over the spectrum or intensity.

KingLED X6 COB LED grow light

KingLED X6 1800W COB led light
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One of the best COBs, the KingLED X6 is perfectly shatterproof and durable. Firstly, the KingLED offers a full spectrum from 410 to 730 nm, which makes it ideal for growing cannabis. Secondly, it helps save a lot of power as it consumes about 325 W. The included fans ensure that the temperature never rises too high! Lastly, it comes with a 3-year warranty to secure your investment.


  1. Offers full spectrum;
  2. Consumes only 325 watt;
  3. 3-year warranty;
  4. Durable & shatterproof;
  5. Good heat dissipation system.


  1. Expensive. 

Newest 600W

Newest 600W cob grow light
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The Newest 600W COB led grow light is yet another full spectrum light that is perfect for indoor gardening. The lights last for a long time as it has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Furthermore, it does not heat up, maintaining an ambient temperature between 20 to 40 deg C. To seal the deal, it comes with a 3-year warranty!


  1. Long lifespan;
  2. Stays cool;
  3. Three years of warranty;
  4. Suitable for all stages of growing.


  1. Doesn’t specify the actual spectrum;
  2. No control over intensity or light spectrum.

Niello 600W

Niello 600W COB LED grow light
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Next in our list of the best COB grow lights is the full spectrum Niello 600W grow light. The spectrum range is about 380-780 mm. This, along with the cleverly angled lenses ensures a high PAR value and allows better growth of your plants. The COB technology used ensures you to save 30% of the energy costs and allows for a dustproof operation. In addition, the light uses 3 silent fans to keep it cool so the grow tent doesn’t heat up too much.


  1. The wide range of the light spectrum; 
  2. Dustproof;
  3. High PAR value. 


  1. Not waterproof. 

Yueme 1500W

Yueme 1500W COB LED
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The Yueme 1500W COB light is perfect for all phases of growth of your cannabis plant. It can help you achieve the high end of the spectrum, as the range is about 380-800 nm. The 1500-watt output only requires 300W of input. The two fans, as well as few hole vents, allow perfect ventilation for cooler temperatures. In addition, the unit ensures a large lighting surface as well as a long lifespan. 


  1. Caters to the high end of the spectrum;
  2. Good ventilation;
  3. Large lighting area;
  4. Extremely energy efficient. 


  1. Not recommended for weaker plants;
  2. Not waterproof.
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Mars hydro ECO 300W COB LED grow light

Mars Hydro ECO 300w
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The Mars Hydro Eco is a 300W Cob led light that offers about 3.5 x 3.5 ft area of coverage. The light runs on merely 116W of input, which makes it extremely energy efficient. Moreover, the Mars Hydro supports a wavelength of about 400-740 nm. Also, it can be used in all areas of the world as it supports a working voltage of 100-240 V. It has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours as well as a view angle of 100 degrees. So, all this, combined with the low noise level of 49 DB, makes it on of the best COB Grow light.


  1. Big area of coverage;
  2. Low noise level;
  3. Very energy efficient as it takes only 116 W input;
  4. Easy to install.


  1. Not waterproof;
  2. Too strong to directly look at (Buy growing glasses)


All in all, a COB light will help you grow plants in all stages of life due to their wide range of the spectrum. We recommend you to weigh the pros and cons yourself and choose the best COB LED grow lights yourself. 

However, if you ask us, The CF Grow Light and the Roleadro 800W have to be our top favorites! So, what are you waiting for? Get the best for your plants and buy one of these LED lights, so your plants can grow at the best rates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about COB LED Grow lights.

What is a COB LED Grow Light?

The COB LED grow lights are sustainable and accessible alternatives to conventional HID grow lights. They’ve taken the market by storm and become a better alternative to all other grow light options because of their minimal heat emissions, ample energy, and easy usage. 

Technically, the construction of a COB LED grow light is what makes it different from other big, bulky grow lights. COB stands for Chips-On-Board, and that’s exactly what the light is. Small LED units are fixed upon a copper or ceramic board. They’re so tiny – you can’t make them out individually once they’re arranged on the board. 

what are COB led grow lights

Once the light is plugged in, the unit acts as one single light source, which increases its efficiency to facilitate indoor plant growth. What makes COB LED lights stand out is that they have the power of multiple lights, but they appear like a single lighting panel. In contrast to that, typical LED lights appear like clusters of light sources, which makes them emit more heat as well. 

Are COBs Better for Growing?

Yes, COB LED lights are better for growth as compared to HID and SMB grow lights. However, that depends largely on what you intend to grow. COB grow lights are ideal for growing indoor cannabis plants and help produce healthier and faster harvests as compared to other lighting alternatives. 

In the case of other indoor plants, it cannot be clearly stated that COBs are better, but they do have some advantages to strengthen their stance. 


If you’re worried about the price, believe us, it’s worth it. High-quality LED lights like COBs have a comparatively long lifespan. On average, a typical COB will work for about 30,000 hours before it runs out. That’s almost three times more than HID or SMD lights. 

High Spectrum

COB LED lights offer a broad and targeted light spectrum. What’s more, you won’t find a spectrum of similar intensity in any other single-point LED light system. A wider spectrum means the light will reach to every corner of the grow room. This way, your plants will get the optimum amount of light they need to grow to perfection.      

Improved Light Quality

Additionally, COB LED lights have the highest CRI level. CRI is the color rendering index of a particular LED lights. This shows how well you can see realistic colors, even when your grow room is full of LED lighting. If you own a grow room, you’re probably familiar with intense red, orange, and purple light rendering inside a grow room. These color distortions make it difficult to observe your plants. 

light quality

With COB grow lights, your grow room will be full of radiant white light. This means you will be able to view your plants in a realistic color spectrum without any distortion. 

Efficient Light Distribution

When it comes to light distribution, COBs are not different from HID lights. However, HID lights are difficult to put up, while COBs are easy to place and install anywhere you like. This helps you create an even light distribution environment in your grow room. 

Instead of positioning one HID light inside the room, which will create high-intensity spots, you can position multiple COB lights. This will help you avoid uneven distribution in your grow room. 

Minimal Heat Emission

One of the main issues of maintaining an indoor grow room is controlling the temperature. COB LEDs emit fewer infrared rays while maintaining the same power and spectrum of an HPS light. This keeps them from emitting high levels of heat, so you can cut on cooling devices as well. 

What is the Difference Between CREE COB LED Grow Light and Other COBs?

The main difference between CREE COBs and other COB lights is the price. If you’re on a budget, you’ll probably look across CREE COB lights and look for something more affordable. That’s where you’re wrong. CREE COBs provide impeccable durability, intense lighting, and minimal heat emission as compared to other COBs. 

Firstly, CREE COBs have the ideal spectrum for even light distribution. While most LEDs provide mild light, this one gives out intense, pure white light, which makes it easy for you to tend to your plants. 

Furthermore, CREE COBs have better coverage as compared to their energy usage. They work at 80 watts per diode, which means it uses up to 320 watts. This, combined with the impressive light output, makes the CREE COBs stand out amongst other COBs.  

Are COB LEDs Better than Quantum Boards?

Quantum Boards are the latest invention contesting COB LED lights in the grow light arena. Created with the same concept of the Chips-On-Board lights, the quantum board consists of lots of LED lights connected into strings. These strings are then configured parallel to each other to make them compatible with high power currents. 

The concept might seem familiar, but quantum boards have the upper hand. COBs are small lights concentrated into a small area. However, they have magnifying glasses incorporated to increase the light spectrum. This makes room for some condensed areas in the light. In quantum boards, the diodes are spread out evenly to avoid such condensed areas and create an equal light footprint. 

Both of these products have their pros and cons. Let’s evaluate them according to their basic features to achieve fair representation. 

Light Intensity

COB LED lights produce high levels of intense, concentrated light. Although they cover specific areas with maximum light concentration, the intensity on their covered spot is very high. This creates a favorable condition for plant growth. However, this factor is a downside to these lights as well. 

light intensity

Light concentration on one spot can lead to hotspots in your grow room. In contrast to that, quantum boards have More evenly spread out LEDs which promote even light distribution and avoid hot and dim spots. 

Light Spectrum

When it comes to the light spectrum, Quantum Boards produce an even, wide-spread spectrum as compared to COBs. Instead of concentrating light in one area, they spread it out efficiently to avoid creating intense heat. Therefore, they create an equal lighting environment all around the grow room. 

Cooling Devices

To tackle the heating problem, COB lights need cooling devices to control the temperature inside your grow room. Usually, a built-in fan is used to spread the heat out to avoid being directed to one particular area as it can damage the plant. 

This is not a problem with Quantum Boards. As the light diodes are placed further apart in Quantum Boards than in COBs, no external heat management is required.

Conclusively, each light has benefits and drawbacks of its own. However, being the latest and advanced technology, Quantum Boards do offer solutions to some problems you will face with COBs.

At What Distance Do I Need to Hang My COB LED Light?

Hanging your grow lights is a crucial task when it comes to setting up your indoor grow tent. Light emits heat, which means if you hang them too low, chances are you’ll burn your plants up. On the contrary, if you hang them too high, the plants won’t have enough light to thrive. 

Moreover, the distance also depends on the type of lights you’re using. Keep in mind that you must hang COB LED lights higher than HID or Fluorescent lights. That’s because COB LEDs produce a concentrated light spectrum and less energy. This means you should hang them far above your plants to avoid light bleaching. 

If you’re using a 400w COB LED light, you should hang it around 20-30” away from your plants. However, unlike other types of light that can be hung at the same distance at every stage, LED lights will have to be lowered closer when your plants begin to flower. 

What is the Best Cheap COB Grow Light?

Shopping for your grow room requirements on a budget doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. There are many cheap COB LED light options available that ensure good quality as well. 

The best cheap COB light available according to us is the Hipargero 400w. You can can get it under $100, and it works great with a medium-sized grow tent. 

Furthermore, these COB LED lights to produce a full true spectrum. This means they give out a great combination of blue, red, and green. Also, Ultraviolet and infrared bands are included as well to increase THC during bud formation. Besides that, it comes with two light modes for seeding and growth phases. This means a customized growth environment for your plants at every stage. 

Although it has a small coverage area, it comes with a three-year warranty which makes the risk worthwhile. 

What is the Best COB LED Grow Light?

The best overall COB LED Grow Light is the CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light. This high-end grow light has the perfect combination of heat control, light intensity, and durability to make it a reliable option for your plants. 

This grow light system generates a wide full light spectrum which ensures great growing conditions for your plants. Also, while other LEDs have heat management problems, this grow light comes with an inbuilt cooling system. It has inline fans that help eliminate extra heat produced from the lights. Also, these powerful fans work noiselessly without disrupting your comfort. 

 CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light

Besides that, you can adjust the light intensity according to the needs of your plants. This means you can provide the ideal nourishment for your plants at every stage of growth. Also, it’s easy to use and has a sturdy construction which will last you for years to come. 

On the downside, the CREE light is very expensive and will burn a large hole in your grow room investment budget. However, the price will pay itself off with your ample harvests and low maintenance costs.

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