Phlizon Newest 1200w LED Grow Light Review


Making growing cannabis much easier; the Phlizon Newest 1200w LED grow light is here for you. The Phlizon Newest is a great choice for the indoor growers of cannabis, fruits and vegetables. 

This LED grow light comes with excellent features like: full spectrum, grow switches, and non-reflectors. This makes all your growing processes safe and healthy. 

This Phlizon Newest 1200w comes with a power watt replacing traditional HPS lights and giving more effective coverage. 

Phlizon Newest 1200w review
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Based on the Phlizon Newest 1200w review, we can assure you that this is an efficient solution for growing cannabis indoor. Being lightweight and having perfect dimensions, this is a pocket-friendly choice. What other features does it have? Let’s take a look at the Phlizon Newest 1200w review. 

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Key features of the Phlizon Newest 1200w

Amongst the best features is its non-reflector LED panel. This makes the Phlizon Newest 1200w a much safer LED grow light than many others. 

The double switch, the full spectrum, and other safety features are what we will be discussing in detail. So, let’s move on…

Safety first

Having a heat resistant body makes the Phlizon 1200w LED light a safe choice. Also, the light has a great heat dissipation system and certified power circuits and wiring on board. 

Phlizon Newest 1200w no reflectors

It uses no reflectors because they can cause a short circuit. The Phlizon Newest 1200w LED grow light has solely LED lights to do the process. This means that Phlizon does not compromise safety over quality.  

Coverage and spectrum

The vast coverage of the LED distribution makes this LED grow light a perfect choice for many indoor growers. It has a viewing angle of 90° and 120°. 

Keeping the humidity under control, this Phlizon newest 1200 w LED light covers up to 3 veggie and flowering or fruiting plants. This gives good coverage over the value of the watt without any need of reflectors.

Phlizon Newest 1200w coverage

This Phlizon Newest 1200w LED grow light replaces a traditional 800 watts LED light and consumes only 305 watts. 

The coverage of this LED grow light is 4×4 feet at its perfect height of 24’’. Thus, perfect to use one light in a 4×4 grow tent or two lights in a 4×8 grow tent.

Spectrum range of the Phlizon Newest 1200w

Phlizon Newest 1200w LED grow light’s full spectrum range promotes effective plant growth. The two high peaks with the scientific spectral design of this LED grow light keeps the process of all growing stages at a good pace. So, you are sure that your plant is growing healthy. 

Phlizon Newest 1200w full spectrum

The option of the veg and bloom switch  on the Phlizon Newest 1200w has a spectral range from 430-660 nm and 430-740 nm respectively. Being able to adjust the light spectrum to a growing phase is ideal for the germination, flowering or fruiting stage

The veg switch is composed of white and blue LEDs specifically designed for young vegetative growth. The bloom switch is composed of red and white LEDs, which is great for the flowering process. 

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Taking safety to the next level, the Phlizon newest 1200 w LED grow light is FCC certified. This ensures that the Phlizon Newest 1200w is manufactured with safe standardized production methods. 

Phlizon Newest 1200w safety


With 2 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee, Phlizon Newest 1200w provides a great service.

Other specifications of the Phlizon Newest 1200w

  • Zener diodes that protect each LED
  • Dimensions: 15.7×8.3×2.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • 90 and 120 degrees LED grow light
  • Replaces 800-watt HPS/MH
  • Has an excellent heat sink for heat dissipation

What is in the package?

  • 1200 w LED grow light
  • Humidity monitor
  • Adjustable rope

How does the Phlizon Newest 1200w perform?

This Phlizon LED grow light performs in an excellent way. It provides enough coverage and uses less wattage power. With the heat resistant functionality and no reflectors, it gives a safe and powerful full range spectrum.


  • Great coverage
  • Dense light
  • Well-built
  • Lightweight
  • Good price
  • Long warranty
  • Daisy chaining functionality
  • Safety certified
  • Quiet fan


  • Not water resistant
Phlizon Newest 1200w - daisychain

Do you want to see this LED grow light live in action? Check out the video below:

Bottom-line on the Phlizon Newest 1200w Review

Overall, this LED grow light by Phlizon is great for growing cannabis indoor. It is a safe and powerful choice with plenty of features for every indoor grower. Either if you’re beginner or advanced, this is one of many options that you have to consider if you’re looking for a new LED grow light. 

This Phlizon Newest 1200w LED grow light is ideal because of its full spectrum and the safe non-reflectors. This makes it a must buy for indoor cannabis growers that own a grow tent that is at least 4×4 feet. 

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