What size of LED grow light do I need?


Starting an indoor grow operation can be overwhelming for beginners since there is a lot to consider to make sure your plants grow healthy. One of the significant aspects of any indoor growing system is the lighting, and most people can assuredly say that LED lights are the way to go. The question that immediately arises is: what size of grow light do I need?

There are various brands and types of LED grow lights available on the market and choosing the right one isn’t the easiest task. Most first-time indoor growers don’t have any knowledge about the requirements of their indoor garden in terms of space and size.

You’d like to get a LED grow light system of adequate size to accommodate your garden for efficient growth. So, what size of grow light do you really need?

Well, the size of your grow light mainly depends on three big factors.

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What does the perfect size of your grow light depend on?

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The type of plant you’re growing

Before getting any sort of grow light, it is very important for growers to consider the nature and species of the plant they’re growing. You should know that LED grow lights of all sizes are able to accommodate typical seedlings so they reach complete maturity.

With that being said, some plants require larger LED grow lights that provide more power, energy and surface area. You can find LED lights with sizes that specifically assist different types of crops according to their needs.

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The potential size of the growing space

The grow space area that you set up for your indoor growing garden essentially helps decide the size and number of LED grow lights that you will need to accommodate the traffic and surface area. You should have a minimum of 33 watts of LED supply to light every square foot of your grow area.

Consider a situation where your grow area is limited to about 16 feet. Your LED grow lighting requirement would, therefore, be around 500 – 550 watts. Plants that grow well under such intense light should then be able to bloom and flower, whereas vegetables and fruits usually need about half the amount of LED light that has been recommended above.

The type of LED grow light

The power output of an LED grow light system essentially depends on the type of plant you’ll be growing in your indoor garden. For indoor growers who are looking to help their seedlings mature from their dormant phase to fully developed plant, it is recommended for them to opt for an LED grow lighting system that accommodates the full cycle of the seedling.

Crops that usually require greater amounts of high-intensity light for their complete development and full maturity have to be provided with LED grow light apparatuses that provide single light channels.

Programmable LED grow light apparatuses are the most technologically advanced of all the present systems that are found in today’s markets. They are mostly recommended since their LED panels are geared with one-touch control systems that help growers avoid any unnecessary manual hardships and input needed to get the desired light output for each stage of your plant’s life.

For efficient and easy growing, most programmable LED lights come equipped with hardware designs that accommodate any kind of plant garden, so you can choose from their various sizes to suit your garden.

The final takeaway

Ultimately, the size of LED grow light you’ll need depends on numerous criterions including your budget, crop type, grow space size, cost of maintenance and type of LED grow light. You should research the different brands of LED grow light products and their various sizes available to see which ones meet your growing requirements so that your garden can grow healthily and efficiently.

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