Best 1000 watt LED Grow Light Reviews


There has been a significant advancement in agricultural technology today, and one of such is the use of 1000 watt LED grow lights. LED grow lights are a particular type of energy-efficient light that serves as an excellent alternative for inside germination or cultivation. 

1000 watt LED Grow Light

Compared to other types of grow lights, LEDs do not need to burn any filament; instead, they create a spectrum of light through the passage of light via certain semiconductors. They are majorly used as a sole alternative for indoor germination or growth most especially when an undispersed light is needed for such process. Also, they can be used alone or combined with other sources of light and are most applicable for cannabis growers. 

LED grow lights come in various sizes and shapes, but the essential part of each light are the LED chips. They have the most significant effect on the quality of each light, i.e. colors and brightness produced. 

Usually these 1000 watt grow lights are perfect for a 4×4 grow tent.

Since LED grow light manufacturers can select the LEDs they use in their lamps, it is vital for you to understand the type of light that is suitable for your kind of growth. Like we have mentioned, lots of cannabis is best grown with a 1000w LED grow light. Therefore, we present you a list of the best grow lights of this kind.


Led Grow Light

LED Grow Light Reviews

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What to Look for When Buying a 1000 Watt Grow Light?

Trying to choose the right grow light from the vast number of different yet quite similar grow lights out there is no less than a nightmare. The wrong grow light will not only stunt your plants’ growth but also be a drain on your wallet. Nevertheless, to help you avoid this situation, we’ve compiled all the key factors you need to consider when buying a 1000 watt grow light.

Light Spectrum

As you know, along with water and other nutrients, light is one of the primary sources of food or energy for plants. Without ample and proper light, your plants will die. Typically, this light is provided by the sun. However, when you’re gardening indoors, this crucial role falls to your grow lights.

Ligth Spectrum 1000w led grow light

Now, even though regular sunlight appears to be white or yellowish-white, it is actually made up of all the different colors of the rainbow. These colors have different wavelengths, and despite contrary belief, plants use all of them, albeit differently. Roughly speaking, sunlight is majorly comprised of red, and then a little bit of green and blue. This combination is best for plants.

Therefore, when you’re looking for grow lights, make sure their spectrum includes blue, green, and most importantly, lots of red lights for proper plant growth. Many brands skip out on the green because of the myth that plants use only blue and red. However, despite the small amount, green is equally essential for healthy plants.

Coverage Area

As mentioned earlier, light is a vital input for plants. Too much light can cause harm to your plants, for instance, in the shape of burn holes. Too little light will result in slow and unhealthy growth. Therefore, plants need just the perfect amount of light. There are two sides to this: the light wattage and the light coverage area.

In this case, the wattage is 1000 watts. Moreover, any brand you go for, the manufacturer should mention the coverage area of their light accordingly. If they don’t, that’s a red flag, and you should reconsider your options. Typically, a 1000 watt grow light is suitable for a 4×4 grow tent.

Besides that, the optimal coverage area will also depend on how many plants you plan to grow, what size they are, and how do you plan to train them. You don’t want to overcrowd your growing area with too many plants as not all might get sufficient light. On the other hand, you want to use the light efficiently as well.

Furthermore, sometimes it is better to place two grow lights with lower wattage than one with high wattage for better coverage.

Actual Output

While proper coverage area ensures that a significant portion of your plant receives light, the actual output of your LED grow light will determine the quality of the light. The actual output will decide the light intensity, which will subsequently affect plant growth. Your plants will require different light intensity at various stages as well.

During the early, growth stage, your plants will require somewhere around 150 to 300 PPFD. Similarly, during the flowering stage, they can need anywhere from 200 to 600 PPFD. PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) is basically how much light is falling on a certain area of the plant every second. Higher PPFD results in a higher intensity of light.

Average Power Draw

Since you’ll be running these grow lights for significant portions of the day at times, you need to be mindful of how much electricity it uses. These grow lights don’t just have an initial cost but a monthly running cost as well. To reduce this cost, you need to consider the actual power draw.

Just because a light is rated as a 1000 watt light does not necessarily mean that it operates on 1000 watts. Usually, they obtain this wattage by multiplying the number of diodes and each diode’s maximum wattage. This represents an inaccurate picture sometimes. A grow light will only use 1000 watts at full capacity, at which it will also produce a lot of heat and shorten its lifespan.

To keep these two things in control, manufacturers design the grow lights to operate at a specific capacity where it produces enough light, minimum heat, and maintains a long life. At this point, you should also look at the individual wattage of a diode. A low powered diode can produce more amount of light at a smaller power draw and with lesser heat.

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Heat Output

Any grow light you go for is bound to produce heat along with the light. Moreover, this heat can not only be harmful to your plants but also make things expensive for you. Heat reduces a light’s lifespan, and you often have to install a cooling system with extra fans, vents, and other grow light kits to deal with the heat.

heat output 1000w led grow light

LED grow lights, in particular, are quite good in this regard as they are much more efficient, produce brighter light with lesser heat. However, they do produce some amount of heat which you need to be careful of. Typically, a high powered diode such as a 10-watt or 15-watt diode will produce more heat than a 3-watt diode.


The prices of various LED grow lights, and your budget will also play a significant role in deciding on the ultimate grow light for you. Even though you can get 1000 watt grow lights for around $50 as well, it won’t be as useful for a broader range of plants.

If you go a little higher, at $100, you can get a suitable grow light that will be enough for one or two large plants or several small ones. Similarly, if you have even more plants to cover, you might need to spend even $200. Although this is not guaranteed always but generally, the more you spend, the better the coverage and light you will find.

Moreover, any extra money you spend to get a better light, will result in better plants and ultimately, higher yields.

Price 1000w LED Grow Light

Other than all this, if you are going to spend a considerable amount on a grow light system, it doesn’t hurt to do a little more research. For instance, look up the various brands you’ve shortlisted and their reviews and reputation online. Check how easy they are to reach and how responsive they are to customer emails. Little things such as these can make a big difference in the long run.

Best 1000 watt LED grow light reviews

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BESTVA DC LED Series 1000 watt Grow Light

Bestva DC LED Series 1000w LED grow light
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Its use has been on the increase lately, and it has been proven to be one of the best LED grow lights available today. It is powerful and has a great price/quality ratio. This LED grow light is a popular choice among many growers.

The Bestva LED grow light contains 10W chips, not the usual 3W or 5W. This enables the BESTVA to produce brighter and more efficient light by emitting a high PAR/LUMEN output for each LED. 

Also, the BESTVA DC LED light can conveniently deliver coverage of 5.1×4.7 ft at a height of 2 ft above the canopy of your plant. The Bestva DC LED Series 1000 watt grow light has a robust system of cooling fans. 

The system helps to control the intensity of light and heat that might emanate from the light, and in turn, protects the plant from excessive heat and light. 

The BESTVA DC 1000w functions at a temperature of 50-60 Fahrenheit which gives it a lower operating temperature than competitors.

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Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000 watt – 2nd Gen.

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000 watt grow light
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When you’re looking for a reasonably priced grow light, the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w is an excellent option for you. 

One of the great specs of this light is its ability to cover a wide spectrum range due to its 9-band full spectrum. The grow light includes a spectrum of 430 to 730nm. Therefore, you grow a great variety of plants with this grow light. 

The Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000 watt LED also has the right amount of infrared and UV light. This promotes the photosynthesis of plants and protects it against harmful bacteria. 

Also, this light boasts an impressive 9:1 ratio of the red and blue spectrum. This improves the color and health of the plants. 

Another great component of these lights is that it has a good heat dissipation mechanism. Two ETL-approved high-speed cooling fans keep the temperature in control. 

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Kind LED K5 XL1000

Kind K5 XL1000
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The Kind LED K5 XL1000 is a light we have developed a great interest in lately. You’re going to find out why. 

A 1000w light such as the Kind LED k5 XL 1000 is a direct guarantee for success when growing your cannabis. The Kind LED K5 has won several merit awards for several years. This is due to the peculiar features that it possesses. 

These features include 320 diodes that are a mix of a 5w and 3w chips. The 5w provide better light penetration to the canopy, but it generates a lot of heat in the process. This is moderated by the 3w diodes that lower the average temperature output. 

Secondly, it consumes less power than average; it uses about 630W to provide the same amount of light that a 750-watt HPS setup would. 

You don’t need extra cooling fans, because of these features. Also, you consume less electricity.

Another spectacular feature of this Kind LED K5 light is its precision control, which has been designed for professional growers. It gives them full control over the 12-band spectrum as well as the light cycles. 

The spectrum of Kind K5 XL1000 LED grow light can be customized to suit your requirements. With this, you can customize the 12-band spectrum to satisfy the growth of your plant at any stage. This gives it a great advantage over competing lights.

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MarsHydro Mars 600 watt LED Grow Light

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Dimgogo 1000w

Dimgogo 1000 watt LED grow light
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This lamp has a variety of uses as it can be used for cannabis growth, flower exhibitions, and greenhouse cultivation. It comes with 10w diodes, which gives it the ability to produce intense light with lower heat emission. 

One distinctive feature of this device is its triple chip LED technology that promotes faster growth for your plants. It works better on plants compared to the conventional double semiconductor of 3w and 5w. 

The significant advantage is that it can grow your plant faster, save you time and it is scientifically engineered to the balance of your PAR/lumen output and coverage. Another great feature is its full spectrum of light is ideal for most indoor plants. 

It has two great cooling fans and heat sinks that keep the light cool and helps it to work longer. 

Finally, the lamp is very reliable internally of its energy saving capacity, which saves more money than an HPS/MH lamp! The Dimgogo 1000w is perfect for a 5.1′ x 4.7′ growing area at 24″ height.

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King Plus 1000W

King Plus 1000 watt led grow light
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This King Plus was built in such a way that it covers a wide range of spectrum colors including white and blue. The King Plus makes it an ideal light for vegetation and blooming. It also has infrared and UV light that helps for the photosynthetic process and protection against disease. 

The machine has an excellent heat dissipation system that prevents the product from the release of excessive heat. It also keeps the light cool. 

Another superb feature of the LED grow light is its efficient power consumption. The output rating is 1000 watts, but it ends up consuming only about 180W of power. This amount of energy saving is extraordinary for a LED grow light. 

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Conclusion on the best 1000 watt LED grow lights

In conclusion, many indoor growers are consistently looking for the best set of lights for their plants. The 1000W LED grow light is great for your 4×4 grow room. And if you have to make a decision about which light to buy, you have to consider multiple aspects. 

Among others, this would be most importantly: the spectrum coverage of the light and the ability to keep a low output temperature. 

Moreover, considering the power rating of 1000 watts, you need to look out for the ones that will consume the least power. This way you can save on your energy bill.

However, all of these will depend on your budget. The list of 1000 watt LED grow lights above contains a good option for every grower.


What does 1000 watt mean?

When a grow light is a 1000 watt light, it means it has the maximum capacity of using 1000 watts. Watts does not represent the level of brightness. Instead, it is just a unit of power which shows electricity consumption.

Why should I use an LED light instead of HPS/HID or Fluorescent lights?

You should use LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights because they are better than HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and HID (High Intensity Diode) lights. LED lights are more powerful in terms of light output, and they are much more efficient as compared to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) lights. They also produce much less heat than HPS/HID lights.

They are ideal for people who grow regularly and who want a good yield with low running costs.

How high should I hang my grow light?

How high your grow light should depend on the strength of your light. A stronger light will need to be hung higher, while a weaker one should be hung lower for proper coverage. This height also varies according to the type of grow light. CFL lights need to be closer while LED lights should be a little far to avoid light bleaching.

Moreover, it depends on the state of your plant as well. For instance, a 1000 watt LED grow light should be around 36 to 46 inches away during vegetative state and 21 to 36 inches away during the blooming stage.

How can I extend the lifespan of my LED grow light?

Even though LED lights already have a longer life than others, there are ways to extend their lifespan. You can control the number of hours you use the light to reduce usage and subsequent wear and tear. Moreover, you can prevent the light from getting too hot as heat severely minimizes the lifespan of a bulb.

Giving it more time to cool down will also help. Another way is to install security measures like stabilizers that protect the inner mechanics of the light.

How many plants can I grow with a 1000 watt grow light?

How many plants you can grow under a 1000 watt light depends on a whole range of factors. What medium are you planning to use? Which size do you prefer? What kind of growing and training techniques are you planning to use? All these will determine the number of plants you can grow. It could be one big bush or nine small plants or even a hundred plants.

How much does it cost to run a 1000 watt LED grow light?

Depending on how long you use the grow light, the cost of kilowatt per hour, and other such factors, running a 1000 watt LED grow light can cost you anywhere between $14 and more than $50.

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