How to hide the weed smell when growing marijuana?


Any marijuana grower is familiar with the pungent aroma of Cannabis. It’s one of the aspects that makes the herb so appealing. That said, the aroma is quite unique, which can be easily detected which could cause problems when growing it indoors. How can you hide this weed smell?

For a small grow area with only one or two plants, the smell can usually be covered up. However, you will have to scrub the air for larger grow spaces to ensure no smells leak out and get noticed by any neighbors or passersby.

Here are the main ways to hide the weed smell when growing marijuana:

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1. Carbon Filter/Scrubber/Weed Filter

Carbon filters, also known as carbon scrubbers, can neutralize any odors that pass through them, effectively ridding your grow rooms of any hints of marijuana odor with great efficiency. Carbon filters are useful for situations where you need to scrub the air that is let out of any exhaust systems.

An ideal carbon filter is one that removes the possibility of accidentally leaking the aroma of marijuana out through an open or closed window into your building or neighborhood

The scrubbers incorporate activated carbon that can essentially absorb the gases and impurities present in the air when it is moving through the device. Carbon filters have to be set up in a way that allows air in your grow room to be pushed through for aroma scrubbing. That is why you will need to get a fan to push and pull air through the carbon scrubbers.

The best way to set up a carbon filter with a fan is by including it as part of your exhaust system so that the exhaust fan can pull hot air and smells away from your grow space. As the hot air is moved through the filter, all odors and impurities are effectively removed so that you’re left with clean-smelling grow rooms. Ultimately, carbon filters are:

  • Effective
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Long-lasting

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2. Odor Neutralizers

Various inexperienced growers try to use different household products like incense, bathroom sprays, wall plug-ins and sprays so that they can try to cover up the weed smell. These household devices, however, are not strong enough to keep the pungent odor of a marijuana grow space under wraps and can maybe only work for a few hours at most. In fact, rather than get rid of the smell, using these devices in your marijuana grow rooms can actually minimize and change the natural smell of the plants.

Odor neutralizers do not scrub odors out of the air like carbon filters so. Instead, these neutralizers are made to combine with the unpleasant aromas so that the odor is effectively neutralized. Moreover, they commonly include artificial smells and aroma that help hide the scent of marijuana.

Odor neutralizers and fragrances have to work continuously.  This is because marijuana doesn’t stop producing its smell once the plant starts to grow. Marijuana odor in grow rooms usually gets stronger over time. That said, there are many heavy-duty odor neutralizers that can work effectively in small grow rooms so that the smell doesn’t become a problem.

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3. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are ideal to have clean airspace in your grow room without any weed smells floating around. Numerous purifiers incorporate filters in their systems to get rid of unpleasant odors. That said, air purifiers are usually not strong enough to handle the strong smell of marijuana plants in a grow room. While they are great for any emergency situations, carbon filters and odor neutralizers are still better choices over air purifiers.

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